Why Does Beautiful Packaging Influence Our Choice of Products?



I must confess. More than 80% of the products that I own are in my stash because of their attractive packaging. I love cute pretty boxes, bottles and jars. I love the bows, trinkets, colours and shapes. There’s something about taking out a hand cream out of your hand bag worth more than a grand and feeling like a million bucks! It is said that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Then, why do we? Time to find out!

Why Does Beautiful Packaging Influence Our Choice of Products

For The Brand Name
When you wear a pair of Steve Madden shoes, you know they haven’t done anything drastically more than a normal cobbler would do to create the same pair. But, you wear it for the logo, for the brand. Likewise, for beauty products, you pay for the brand and everything that is associated with it.

For The Excitement
Product packaging can evoke feelings of excitement and happiness. The beautiful fonts used, the vibrant colours, the stylish curves and edges. I cannot even start to tell you how I feel when I get my hands on a beautiful bottle of perfume or a cute jar of lip balm. I grin from ear to ear. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, right?

To Stand Out From Others
There is a mysterious appeal provided by a product that isn’t similar to the types used by our peers and friends. We all want to stand out from the crowd, don’t we?

Why Does Beautiful Packaging Influence Our Choice of Products

For Luxury
It’s for the same reason that we get facials done, go to spas, and indulge in exotic food. The pampering feel of luxury goods gives us an ego boost.

Why Does Beautiful Packaging Influence Our Choice of Products

As A Décor
A show piece on our dressing table is just like flower vases on tables. They bring beauty to our personal dressing space. Don’t we love how those bottles and tubes sit beside our mirror? There are some perfumes that I still have because their bottles look so good. Don’t you as well?

Why Does Beautiful Packaging Influence Our Choice of Products

For The Quality
You can almost be sure that the ingredients in your product have been ‘hand-picked’ and have gone through rigorous quality checks and crafted carefully for you. (That is not necessarily true though – medicated products are often much better in terms of their ingredients.)

To Avoid Monotony
The thought of slathering a product from a mundane pack every day, every morning & every night is boring. The attractive colors and unique designs keep us excited about the product for longer than a boring packaging would.

Why Does Beautiful Packaging Influence Our Choice of Products

We know that medicated products are far more effective than their cosmetic counterparts. In this generation, picking up beauty products has almost become like picking up the latest fashion or gadgets. So, it is fine that we buy products for their packaging and not necessarily for what is inside as long as we know that we are buying it for that very purpose – to feel excited, to stand out, for that luxurious feeling, to feel like a million bucks. In short, to make us feel good!

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  1. hahaha what a cute post ! Yes you are right , because of their unique packaging Guerlain lipsticks for example are a collector`s item…and I love those pink Etude house powder and lipstick collection ^_^

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