Why These Men Wouldn’t Make The Best Boyfriends

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Our prince charming is oh-so-perfect in our dreamy little world, but in the real life, we seldom meet those kind of men. In today’s post, let us find about the types of men that wouldn’t make the best boyfriend. Remember, you will get to know about them after 3-4 dates, as they say, do not judge a book by its cover. If you see any of these signs more than once, then just run in the opposite direction.

These are The Types of Men that You Never Wanna Date/Marry

The Commitment Phobic:
He is afraid of commitment. He cannot commit anything to you. You will always be confused that whether he is there for the long haul or not? He will also seem less invested in the relationship than you.

The Liar:
These are The Types of Men that You Never Wanna Date/Marry 2
Harmless lying is okay sometimes, but if you find him making excuses and lying all the time, then he may be a compulsive liar and he cannot help it. Well but you can and you know how?

The Control Freak:
He is the one, who likes things his way, all the time. He never asks your opinion and tries to control everything going on in your life. If he feels that things are not going by his way, then he might just get crazy or abusive. So, know the difference between whether he is caring too much or taking control of your life.

The Pushover:
These are The Types of Men that You Never Wanna Date Marry 03

He is the opposite of the control freak. The pushover does not have a mind of his own. You make the decision and he abides. You might like in the beginning, but later on you might get irritated as everyone likes a person, who can think on his own. Sometimes, when you feel weak and you need someone you can rely on.

The Cheater:
Everyone deserves a second chance, but not the third and the fourth chance. If you think that things will change after forgiving him so many times, then you are widely mistaken girl.

The Flirt:
These are The Types of Men that You Never Wanna Date/Marry 4
Harmless flirting may be okay for some, but what if he takes keen interest in all your female friends. You might want to wait for the one who flirts, but with you only.

The Quick to Judge:
He dissects each action of yours and is very judgmental about you, your friends, your career and just about anything and everything. He thinks he is better than you. Trust me, he is not.

The Slacker:
These are The Types of Men that You Never Wanna Date/Marry 5
He does not have a goal, an ambition or a dream of what he wants to do with his life. He is not financially independent. He may be a smooth talker, but you need to stay away from him. Every girl likes a boy, who can take care of himself and her too, both financially and emotionally.

The Hypocrite:
He thinks what he does is right, but when you do the same thing he gives you a lecture about right and wrong. He is not the one, who goes by firm principles and beliefs. He changes them according to what suits him and not you.

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