Wide Leg Trousers and Jeans

If the scorching Indian summer makes you want to throw away your skinny jeans, then the wide leg trousers trend comes as a saviour. Skinny jeans in Delhi summers is a torture. The wide leg jeans is not just baggy enough to let the air in but also it happens to be one of the biggest trend this year. Do you need another reason to try it?
wide jeans

wide trousers
Pulling of a pair of wide leg trousers or jeans is not as tricky as it looks.
• FIT- Find the perfect fit and half your battle is won. Wide leg trousers and jeans are flared overall but they should fit the butt like second skin. If you have a petite bum, try high waisted pants and they will lift up your butt making it appear curvier than it is. Nothing is less flattering than pants that are just hanging off the butt. If you are curvy and don’t need extra attention on your butt, try a rise that hits just at the hips. Keep trying different brands till you find your fit. And when you do, make sure you wear no panty lines underwear with it.
• SHOES- pointy toed shoes and wide leg pants just don’t go together. An open or round toe wedges and pumps are the best options to go with these pants. Kitten heels will work too if you have long legs. Tall women can go with flats as well but average height girls should wear atleast two inch heels.
• LENGTH- wide leg pants should not end any shorter than half an inch of the ground. Try on the pants that you like wear your shoes with them and then get the length altered accordingly.
• WEAR WITH- In order to balance the voluminous bottom, go for a fitted top for a structured look(Katie Holmes pic 2). The key is to define the waist. You can also wear these pants with slightly boxy top and tuck it in the pants or a belt over it(see Kate Moss). If you are not comfortable tucking your shirt in then choose a shorter, slightly loose shirt (see Jessica Alba).

For a more formal look, add a tailored classic blazer no longer than the crotch point to make your outfit look more structured. You can dress it down by wearing a cropped leather jacket over your wide leg jeans.
• If you are not so tall you can rock this trend too by choosing low rise cuts and high heels and totally avoid flats.

And for some more inspiration off the runway:
wide leg trousers jeans

wide leg trousers models
So would you try this trend? What do you wear with your wide trousers or jeans? Share with us below..

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19 thoughts on “Wide Leg Trousers and Jeans

  1. Love the way Kate Moss and Rachel Bilson have carried off the wide leg pants. But this would not suit heavy bottomed girls like me…meant for skinnies :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

  2. Not meant for me at all.. bt i ahve seen models wearing such trousers and they truely rock them.

    btw i went and tried the body shop bb cream. such a dud! :yuck:

      1. They liked the food..and every one brought so much that we all ate too much and have been unable to work since past 3 hours…Then there was an event too for b’day celebration and I’ve been running here and there..ooper se estimates banaane hain..I want to sleep!! :weep:

  3. id like it on others.someone tall and who can carry it off.
    i need taleats 4 inches of heel to carry em off.but love em.

  4. me dont have wide leg jeans………..have wideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wasit .hips,thighs and calves though…………………………….. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

  5. Yup I like Jessica and Rachel….they look so cool n comfy …. nice article Ashima, will send this to one of my friends, whose looking for a nice pair of denims…. :thanks:

  6. Hey everybody,
    My first comment on this blog, although I’ve been reading it for over a week now. Really enjoy the articles and also the camaraderie between the various blog members.
    I am not really a makeup/fashion junkie, but surely like to read reviews about products before I buy them. So this blog is a great place for me.
    Looking forward to visiting more often and also interacting with all you beautiful ladies out here.
    Cheers, Teena

  7. im happy these are back in fashion 🙂 its true that its a torture to wear skinny jeans in this horrible weather !!

  8. my sister bought one of these once… but the leg was a little too wide i think. when you walked it like did a complete circle before coming to a rest on your legs. even skirts dont do that. weird….

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