Wild Ferns New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Eye Gel Review

Wild Ferns New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Eye Gel Review

Hello Everyone,

I am reviewing another favourite product of mine, hope you all like the review.  I have combination skin (normal to oily), oily in the T zone.  My forehead, nose and the apples of my cheeks have visible open pores. I see whiteheads and small zits every other day. So, basically I have combination which is acne prone.  If I skip my cleansing routine even for a single day, I get pimples the next morning.


Product Description:

A hydrating and soothing gel enhanced with pure Active Manuka AAH (Antibacterial Antioxidant Honey) 650+ designed to soothe, protect, refresh and add moisture to the delicate area around the eye.  Perfect for use during the day to revitalise tired eyes due to its cooling aspect and as it can be used over make up.


Rs. 460

Directions For Use:

Pat lightly around the outer eye area as required.

Honey Soothing Eye Gel 2

I have seen many eye cream reviews recently on IMBB, so I thought I should write about my eye cream too.  A month ago, my friend from New Zealand came to India and got me a few goodies from Wild Ferns.  She told me that this brand is very famous in NZ and she and her sister use many products from this range, she has great skin.  There were two eye products , this soothing eye gel is one of them and the other one is an eye cream which I gave to my mom. Before this, I was using Olay anti ageing under eye cream as I have learnt that we should use under eye creams as the area around the eyes is very delicate compared to face and neck.  I wanted an eye cream which is not anti ageing, which just nourishes and refreshes the eye area. This gel serves the purpose successfully.

Honey Soothing Eye Gel 3

My Take on Wild Ferns New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Eye Gel:

This is a transparent gel and glides on the skin very easily.  This smells of flowers and natural honey.  I have been using this in the morning and at night time and really loving it. This gel doesn’t say that it will help in reducing dark circles but I think this has actually reduced them to some extent.  For the purpose of writing this review, I checked out the benefits of manuka honey.  This is what I read on their website.  “Manuka is a flowering tea tree native to New Zealand. The honey that is collected from these flowers has long been renowned for its remarkable beneficial properties.  Manuka honey contains special antibacterial properties including an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, which is a proven antiseptic. Manuka honey has higher levels of this enzyme thereby containing a greater level of antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. It is extremely rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and has the outstanding ability to nourish, soothe and heal sensitive skin.  Manuka honey also contains active antioxidants that neutralise free radicals which are responsible for skin cell damage. Manuka honey assists in the growth of new cell and tissue regeneration.”

Honey Soothing Eye Gel 4

This info is really fascinating and made me love my eye gel even more.  So, I would love to continue using this, but as I can’t ask my friend to top up my skin care products regularly, I searched online and found out that this is available in India, online. I have seen it in a nice store near my house too. They said this is a new product in the Indian market 🙂

Honey Soothing Eye Gel 5

Pros of Wild Ferns New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Eye Gel:

  • Very light and easily blends into the skin.
  • Nourishes and refreshes under eye area.
  • Easy and hygienic to use with tube packaging.
  • Only a little amount needed each time.
  • Might work on dark circles, I don’t have visible dark circles, so not very sure about this one.
  • Paraben free.
  • No mineral oil (I have no understanding of this point, but they have mentioned this as a pro).
  • Also, it gives a good base for concealer.

Cons of Wild Ferns New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Eye Gel:

  • Expensive though it is cheaper than Olay eye cream, but it is close to Rs. 500, so expensive for me).

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5 thoughts on “Wild Ferns New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Eye Gel Review

  1. I soooo wanna try this… I’m gonna go hunting for this! *thankyou*
    I have same skin type as yours these days 😀

  2. No mineral oil is a pro ‘cuz mineral oil blocks pores on the skin, in this case, the skin around the eyes,imbalance in skin’s oiliness, and as my opthalmologist tells me extremely harmful for the eyes.

    Also, which are the sites that sell Wild Ferns online? 🙂

    1. ok thats good. Thanq for the information. Nd i dont know about the sites, i just googled it and they are available.. My friend got this from New Zealand for me..

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