Will Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown Give You Perfectly Groomed Brows?

Will Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown Give You Perfectly Groomed Brows?

Hello everyone,

It’s been long since I wrote a review here, well I was too lazy to be honest 😛 However, I did not miss a single review on IMBB. I must say writing on IMBB makes me happy and seeing my reviews being posted brings me joy. Today, I will be reviewing Essence Eyebrow Pencil in Brown.  This is my second eyebrow pencil, the first being from Lakme, which did not suit me well. Read on to see if this one was a good or an average product.

Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown

Product Description:

The Essence Eyebrow Designer creates glamorous eyebrows in a perfect shape! Oh-so-easy to use with the handy application brush. Get your eyebrows into tip-top shape! With a practical brush on the cap for smooth and even eyebrows.


Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown

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KD 0.950 (approximately INR 200) for 1 gm.

Shelf Life:

3 years.

My Experience with Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown:

I was actually hunting for eyebrow powder but I ended up purchasing this product. There were 3 colours – blonde, brown and black. I have mahogany brown hair and hence I thought brown will suit me more than the jet black colour, and I was right. I never used to care about grooming my eyebrows until one day, I attempted and saw the difference it brought about to my face.  I looked more alive, to be honest! Since then, even if I forget my kajal, doing eyebrows is a must for me now.  If any of you have been ignoring your brows, then I suggest you groom them and see the difference yourself.

Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown

The reason why I brought this pencil was because it had an eyebrow brush attached to it which made it easier to brush out harsh lines if any. The colour brown is just perfect for my brows and the brush provided is of good quality as it hasn’t shed at all. It has a wonderful texture and is neither too creamy nor hard, but glides on my eyebrows just perfectly. This brow pencil is travel friendly and I feel that it is much better than eyebrow powders as sometimes powders can create a mess!!! I must say that I am in love with this pencil and I have stopped looking for eyebrow powders.

Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown

Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown

However, I have noticed one thing; while I was clicking pictures of the product in broad sunlight, after a few minutes, the product started to turn creamy and then melted as I touched the tip.  But I guess all lip liners and eyebrow pencils do the same and it’s safe to store it in a cool place.

Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown

Pros of Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown:

  • Brown colour that will suit Indian eyebrows.
  • Comes with a good quality brush.
  • Stays put for an entire day.
  • Cheap than brow powders and does the job much better than powder.
  • Can be sharpened easily.
  • Can be easily removed while cleansing your face.

Cons of Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown:

  • Ingredient list is not mentioned on the pencil.
  • I personally do not like to carry a sharpener around, but might not be a con for some.

Do I Recommend Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown?

Yes absolutely yes! It gives me perfect well groomed brows.

Would I Repurchase Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown?

Yes! It’s a lovely eyebrow pencil and is just what I wanted. Will purchase it again as this one gets over.

IMBB Rating:


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4 thoughts on “Will Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown Give You Perfectly Groomed Brows?

  1. Dhivya, I am so happy to see you back, I am looking for something like this because I have noticed I have gaps in my brows 🙁

  2. This looks so much like my Rimmel eyebrow pencil… I love it to bits… And i agree… Doing ur eyebrows can make ur entire face come alive… And these pencil forms r so easy to apply snd carry along… Grt review Dhivya

    1. i love the fact that it comes with a brush… avoids d mess also… and the colour suits all indian skin tones 🙂 🙂 🙂 thnku Arpita :*

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