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Hello Ladies!

I need a lot of help from you all. I am planning to get my hair rebonded/straightened. I have seen in many posts on IMBB and on the internet that rebonding leads to a lot of hair fall. I have a lot of hair fall already and I am really confused if I should go for it or not. What do you ladies suggest? Will it make my hair fall condition more serious? Is there any treatment that gives me frizz free hair without really making my hair fall condition more severe? And also please suggest me good parlors/salons to get the rebonding done in Hyderabad.

Thank you! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Will Hair Rebonding Lead To Hair Fall: Ask IMBB

  1. Well, it might or it might not . .depends on your hair type and the quality of rebonding provided. I dint lose a strand after my rebonding and my friend had a horrible experience… so be prepared . . . I think you have to weigh the pros and cons for any chemical treatment on hair or even on face . . .

    1. Please share your experience with rebonding.. what salon you got it from? and the products you used afterward , the no of hair spa etc; coz i too suffered considerable hair fall after rebonding..

        1. hey Rati.. been busy with work lately….and i love ur fashion blog.. u have done a great job… keep it up….:)

      1. Robbie i got rebonding an year back . . i got spa every 20 days for first 4 months and then did deep conditioning at home with loreal liss ultime masque and hot towel . . .i use loreal liss ultime shampoo and serum for every wash since then . . .

  2. Same here.. Even I did not loose hair after rebonding.. But I have seen this happening with people.. However, I got bored off of the same rebonded look and wanted to get rid of it asap.. Try hair smoothening.. It gives a much natural effect instead of rebonding..

  3. If u already has hairfall.. u should treat it first and then go for rebonding.. Hair wont be able to stand the chemicals otherwise..

  4. As tanvi said, you can try hair smoothening than hair rebonding. It gives a natural and pretty look. Any Chemical treatment will be BAD for your hair. If it doesn’t result in hairfall then, there will be some other side effects like drying, split ends etc.. so be prepared.. Since u already have lots of hairfall, i would personally suggest you not to get it done. Instead try to make ur natural hair healthier by conditioning it, taking oil bath every week etc and see the difference, u ll fall in love with ur original hair and will never think about getting it chemically treated.

  5. hi jomol..
    u can go for hair smoothening , as my friend got it done , some 6 months back nad she hasnt experiencs any hairfall, plus her hair look naturally straight!
    Also , there is KERATINE THERApy for hair straightening, which is really goood and harmless for hair! U can give it a try!!!!

  6. If you already have hair fall problems then you should not go for rebonding. Harsh chemicals will make it worse. Better option is to invest in a good hair straightening machine and use it occasionally.

  7. I got my hair rebonded and was very happy with how it looked. I didn’t loose hair but the straightened hair itself makes it look thinner. After a few months I had some hair loss but can’t really say whether it was because of this or not.
    But I would still say please don’t straighten / rebond your hair. All the time it felt like my hair was dead. Like after a hair pack, I usually feel refreshed but with rebonded hair it feels so lifeless. U can try if you so badly want to and figure out how it works for you!!

  8. yup rebounding causes hairfall that true due to harsh chemicals…. if u have thin hair / tendency of hairfall dont go for this one…

    Try to find out reason for hairfall –
    1) is it due to oily scalp ? if yes do u have dandruff ? – get some good anti dandruff or this cured. Cleanse ur scalp well and keep it clean all the time.
    2) If above is not true in your cause – do you have dry , brittle hair ? hair root tend to weaken/break cause they tangled hair or after wash – Deep condition ur hair (they break cause they are weak or too dry ) – go for hair spa , apply protein hair packs (posted in IMBB) , weekly hot oil treatment without rigorous massaging. After hair wash apply loreal lissultimate hair serum first ( it is for straightening hair and also they them shiny and smooth) and then use Use detangling comb only.
    3) Are u using some SLS or silcon based shampoo … go for paraben free and silicon free stuff like keratase or matrix biolage or see list posted in IMBB sometime back.
    4) Also Check for other possibilities of hair loss like some dietary changes or health reasons like thyroid – nourishment is imp factor take protein , iron , folic acid , calcium in ur diet to improve hair texture …doc may suggest Biotin supplement for sometime if required. With wt loss i lost hair strand too!! well lesson learn’t have now improved my diet.

    Once hairfall issue is ceased suggest you may then consider rebounding option… till then try some anti-frizz shampoo maybe ..can use sunsilk heat protectant sray and straighter for special occasion maybe.

    Keratin treatment sounds good but it is temporary effect for 3 months approx and also has chemical in it which causes cancer , not sure if u would like to add chemicals to hair after every 4 months time , plz read the side effect too before u decide..take care.

    Good Luck!

  9. i agree with Nidhi, its better to Have hair frizzy than to have no hair at all 😛 . Rebonding is a very strong treatment , imagine how strong and harmful the chemicals will be as they will break the natural bond of ur hair and then they will changed and bonded again !!! Dont torture you hair, instead go for natural treatments and occassional Hair Spas and protein packs . Decide wisely . Tc ..

    1. just a correction rebounding is good i mean after result look awesome..but if ur hair is already damaged or have lot of hairfall …first correct the issue and then go for this…as chemicals will be put in.

  10. No way.. Rebonding doesn`nt lead to hair fall.. You have to properly maintain ur hair after rebonding ..
    Dont hair ur hair.. do the oiling part in the scalp.. this is will maintain the hair texture..
    Trust me I hav done the rebondin during 2008 still i am maintaining the straightened hair structure.

  11. Dear ravali,

    I’m a bong and have the typical curly thick black hair…I never could keep bangs and so my hair stylist recommended doing just the front portion and then cutting them..I did so, the result was awesome and the rebonding lasted a good one year..then when I went for a haircut she suggested getting my entire hair rebounded …it took 6 hours but I did go through it patiently…result awesome till my first wash and then trouble started…hair fall dryness dullness everything…I did use shampoos and conditioner meant for rebounded hair but to no effect…after lot of caring.lot n lot of caring my hair is back to being normal thick hair after 2 years…but yeah as everyone is saying no two people will face the same problem…I suggest using hair straightener whenever u want a different look the damage is much less:)

  12. Hi ..
    Yes..m badly suffering from hair fall after rebonding.. N used lisulltime..all the 3 products- syrum, shmpoo,n conditioner for almost abt 1 yr spritualy bt thn too was going through wit the hair fall problm .. After 1yr i intentionaly threw shmpoo n conditioner..i got fad up wit hair fall .. I was evn not useing hair dryer n else since yr . This is the only stress i hv in my life-my hair fall. . Nw i just touch my hair n get so many hair on my hand. Evn lost my lenght bcoz they r breaking from between th hair lenght evn..my scalp s badly weak..n left with very n very thin tail of hairs..had vry gud volumed hair..n.thick textured bt nw volume lost..texture still th same wit not much hair..pls n Pls suggest ..liza

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