Winter Outing Beauty and Grooming Tips

Winter Outing Beauty and Grooming Tips


Come winters, especially in the plains of India, and it is time for you to go out and have fun with friends and family. The sun is no more the scorching thing to avoid and the weather is so lovely! Whether you go out on a grand and fun-filled picnic or you choose to take a stroll in and around your favourite outdoor areas, winter is the time to be stylish while you still have a lot of fun. With no sweat beads waiting to drip down your forehead and no oil waiting to clog the pores of your skin with grime and dirt, winter is a perfect time to look gorgeous. Wondering how to look stylish while you go out with your friends and family? Check out the easiest winter outing tips.

Winter Outing Beauty and Fashion Tips:

1. Sport colourful and fashionable winter garments: The best dress code for a winter outing that I can think of is a pair of jeans and a smart sweater. Choose pullovers, cardigans and jackets in bright and vibrant shades. Go for such shades like orange, pink, green, blue and red to look stunning when the sun lends a warm red flush to your cheeks instead of darkening your skin! If you are more of a traditional person, lay your hands on the elegant kurtis made out of shawl material to feel confident and beautiful at the same time.

Orange sweater

2. What’s a winter outing without scarves and stoles? Indeed it is unimaginable. Wrap a lovely scarf or a soft woollen stole around your neck to look stylish while the cold winds can do no harm to your health.

Red scarf

3. Don’t forget the sun-block factor: No matter how enjoyable the soft rays of the sun might be, the damage-quotient still remains the same. Opt for a sunscreen lotion or cream to ward off the damaging effects of the sun while you relish its warmth to the fullest extent.

4. Winter is the time for makeup: You know why? Actually you do not have to worry about the foundation melting down because of heat and kajal smudging due to sweat! Line your eyes, dab some eye shadow in warm shades and finish off with some mascara. Smother some creamy foundation to avoid your skin getting stretchy during the winters while your skin tone looks at its perfect best and how can you forget the rich creamy lip colour? A creamy lipstick would serve a dual purpose; while your lips would get its dose of moisture, they, at the same time would look beautiful with that lovely tint! But do not apply creams on your face just before you leave your home. It will attract dust particles and give your skin a dark appearance.


5. Do not forget the hand cream: Make sure that you make your hand cream your inseparable partner this winter. It is always great to squeeze out a little amount and rub it on your palms whenever your hands feel dry and dull.


6. A lip balm is a must: A lip balm comes as your saviour when nothing can relieve your mouth from that dry feeling after the winter winds have caressed your face generously while you have been happily enjoying the winter outing. Cover your lips with a layer of lip balm and your lips can’t thank you enough!


Winter is the time to showcase your winter wear! Just be confident and trust me, even your mom’s sweater or your grand-mom’s shawl can work wonders. Just keep those tips and tricks in mind and enjoy the season with lots of apples and oranges and makeup and cardigans and jackets and outing and picnics and friends and family….! Just enjoy!

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