Winter Season Accessories

winter accessories
winter accessories

Winter Season Accessories

So finally the winters are here. It’s time for you to change your wardrobe or rather add a few things. So here is the time to grab all the latest winter accessories and make your dressing the most attractive and talked about. Here is the list of the latest fall accessories that make your dressing look fresh and unique this winter.

Animal prints

Animal prints are very stylish this season. Leopard print can make a right touch in the trendy style. You can find print fashion accessories for fall in handbags, shoes, jewelry etc.


Metallic can go with everything. You don’t need to save metallics for holidays anymore; it can be worn everyday and everywhere. You can use metallic bags and shoes, whatever you have.

Red is the color of the season

Red is considered to be the hottest color of this fall. Red belts can be worn with any type of outfits whether it is formal or in formal. So ladies out there if you want to change the look of your old outfits then this red belt can really do magic.


Cross body bags

Just try to search in some of the old stuff that you have in the back of your cupboard. You will surely find a cross body bag. These bags are very much in trend this winter. These bags can be carries with all your informal clothes and gives a very funky look to your dressing. These bags give you a retro look and keep your hands free to do other work.

cross body bag
cross body bag


Want to carry a perfect topper image then hat is perfect for that. Along with the style statement it protects you from harsh winters.

Cashmere wrap

As you all know trends change from season to season but some looks are evergreen. You can never go wrong with your style quotient with these classic accessories. Cashmere will always be in fashion. Choose the cashmere wrap in neutral colors like grey, black or camel.

winter dresses
winter dresses

Crystal Jewelry

This crystal bracelet is perfect for any type of outfit. If  it has a beautiful mix of crystal with gold it is more complementary.

A classic watch

A gold watch is very elegant and very “in”. This season it is very much in demand as you can wear it every day as well as in special occasions. It is very economical too. If you do not like the golden finish, opt for silver or steel belts, the leather belt watches never run out of fashion though.

Laced clothing

As you all must be thinking what is new in the laced clothing? So the answer is no, it’s not new. But like all trends that span multiple season lace clothing is one of them. So this season you can look for your old lacy clothes and make the perfect style statement.

Knee high Socks

These socks can proffer eye catching attention to your outfit. These knee high socks give a very trendy and funky look to your dressing and make your look more stylish. You should never be afraid of experimenting them with tap pants, hot pants and short pants because these knee high socks complement them a lot.

White Tights

You can experiment with white, off whites or cream tones. This is very much into trend this season. Just avoid sheer stockings because it may give you a very jazzy look which is not at all appealing. White is a classic color so it will never make you go extreme with colors so you can use this winter to make your dressing look trendy.

Velvet Clothing

Do you have lots of velvet clothing in your wardrobe so it’s time for you to get happy now because revival of velvet this winter presents some great new options for your wardrobe? Velvet accessories like jackets, hats and many more are very much in trend this season.

winter fashion
winter fashion

Cardigans and jackets

Cardigans and jackets are another hot pick this season. You have a whole new variety to choose from, so rush to your closest store now, and pick the printed, bright and plaid jackets and cardigans. Jackets have a completely different reference this season, check for the latest trends of long jackets and also the short ones.

Scarves and stoles

Voila. They are the hottest pick for the season or rather any season. Accompany a contrasting stole or scarf with your wardrobe and then you can turn few heads around.

So ladies this winter grab everyone’s attention by wearing the latest trends and make your friends jealous about your fashion and style.


15 thoughts on “Winter Season Accessories

  1. Nice article Zeeba….I love my soft soft jackets…during winters…Also they can hold so many small small things..he he he!! :D…

    Me back to bangalore…..phew…!! So tired now!! 🙁

  2. I love Delhi winters for only one reason….I can wear my boots and jackets and show off without looking silly!! 😛 😛 😛
    Here in Mumbai, no thand!! Sweater, cardigan bhi kaam nahi aata :-(( :-((
    I have got nice boots and stole and printed head scarves for my December Delhi trip already!! :-* 😉 😛 :silly: :silly:

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