Winter Skin Care Tips

skin care in winters
skin care in winters

Skin Care for Winter

Love the winter? Oh but along with winter comes the dry & itchy skin, depressed & gloomy mood, fears of catching a cold or gaining that extra pound. Are you prepared for all that? Because of low levels of humidity during winter time, your skin is snatched of moisture. This leads to the drying and cracking of your skin which you have to take care of. Taking these factors into consideration, skin care during winter is as important as during summers.


Use a good, creamy oil based moisturizer throughout the day and also before sleeping.
An oil based moisturizer will protect the skin from moisture loss thus being more effective compared with other lotions and creams. Avoid using this in areas that tend to get hot and sweaty.  It’s also advised to use skin care products containing natural ingredients. The added dryness present indoors can remove any leftover moisture from your skin. That is why use a humidifier to humidify dry air inside your house which will indirectly help in less cracking and drying of the skin. Take care to use a sunscreen with SPF30 or more. Sunscreen is essential in winter as well as since sun’s reflective powers are great full year. Avoid taking a hot shower as hot water will dry out your skin. Use lukewarm water instead.

skin care in winters
skin care in winters


Don’t want to fall sick? Just have a good healthy diet containing and exercise well. If you follow these two your immune system can easily combat everything that goes around the air especially during winters!! Keep hydrating yourself by drinking lots of water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they dehydrate you. Also avoid soaking yourself too much in water as it tends to deplete skin’s natural moisture.

Hands & Legs

We will be covered in heavy winter wear from top to bottom but somehow we always forget to cover those precious hands. Take care to protect them by wearing woolen gloves or mittens. If you feel itchy using them either switch to different materials or try applying hand lotion before wearing them. Don’t forget to moisturize areas like elbows, knees & knuckles as these parts tend to get drier compared to others.

As for your feet, apply a rich moisturizing lotion and then wear a pair of cotton socks before sleeping. If your skin still feels dry try applying body oil and then using a body lotion or else use bath oils while bathing and apply a moisturizer right after that.


Doctors strictly advise not to lick chapped lips in an attempt to moisturizing them as once your saliva dries after moisturizing, lips tend to become even drier than how it was before licking them. Also avoid flavored lip balms for this reason if you tend to lick on them. Use a lip balm of SPF 15 or more. Use petroleum jelly or a good lip balm containing an ingredient called propolis which is produced by honey bees. It is said to have various antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral properties which is why it’s not only a good covering for our lips but also serves great help in oral treatments.


24 thoughts on “Winter Skin Care Tips

  1. Thanks for this post Insiya…it’s getting really cold lately and I’ve brought out my arsenal of beauty products – Vaseline, Vaseline and more Vaseline … 😛

  2. Hi Insiya
    That’s a thoughful and a very timely post ….only the other I was talking to a friend about how we drink less water in winters and though we use heavy moisturisers and cold creams the skin doesn’t look well hydrated so you are very right here… 🙂 its important to maintain good water balance inside our bodies alongwith protecting that moisture. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mrun :-))
      Winter not started here too. It won’t start by mid december but its getting chilly day by day. but the signs of dryness are definitely being experienced by my skin 🙁

  3. It has become pleasant here. We have started taking blankets but havent started wearing woolens as yet.

    By time you come it would be freezing here. 😛

    1. OMG… I am extra snsitive towards cold already… But Nagpur winter is pretty harsh too.. So I shd be fine… I hate winters…

    1. It’s the exact same here suma. We don’t even get to see fall that way. Its so funny people here like to wear winter clothes so they will start donning them from october itself where its still 38 degrees 😛

  4. I know winters are here when my oily skin starts to flake 😕 😕 😕 😕
    Even though Bombay doesn’t have winters, the air starts to feel a bit drier.

    Licking lips is bad, but its sooooooooooo tempting na 😛

      1. Hehe yahh not that we are complaining 😛 especially after the bout of october heaaaaaaatttt

        Ur in Pune right ? Its so pleasant all year round there !!

        1. That’s what we like to believe 😉 But honestly, since a few years the heat’s become really unbearable… Dunno.. i guess it’s the ozone depletion stuff and all that… 🙁

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