With Revlon Signature Paddle Hair Brush You Can Brush Your Way To Smooth Hair

Revlon Signature Paddle Hair Brush

Hi all,

Well the winter has started here and it feels terrible in Michigan. Hope everyone is doing good, and do take care of yourselves in the winter, this is the season where every part of the body needs to be taken care of, starting from rough hair to cracked feet, this season is heavily challenging one for me. I live in Michigan and it feels horrible to be here in winters, most of the time the temperature will be below zero. I am in the process of taking care of hair and body in this winter, so I started buying some basic stuff for the season.

Here I am reviewing my new Revlon Signature Series Paddle Brush!! I always used a wooden comb to detangle or make my hair, but I have seen couple of videos, in which they used paddle brush and hair dryer for set the hair. This made me buy a new paddle brush, and I found this cute brush from Revlon.


Price : 6$ from walmart a while ago, now it is priced at 5$.

The brush is available in three colors (I noticed only three colorsin the shops) white, blue and maroon. Available in almost all major stores and even online!!

Details about the brush: Bristles have the perfect separation for working out tangles and knots for every hair type. Detangle, blow dry, or finish your look with this all-purpose brush.

Product Description: (As per online websites)

  • Nylon-tufted bristles help you shape and style your hair
  • Sure-grip handle allows comfortable use
  • Plastic and nylon construction for durability
  • Paddle style

With Revlon Signature Paddle Hair Brush You Can Brush Your Way To Smooth Hair 1

My Experience With Revlon Signature Paddle Brush:

I never really used paddle brush before so I cannot compare it with any, but surely one thing I can say is, it is a must to have!! All the time I have used wooden comb and was very happy with it, but this is a life saver. My hair is very dry, coarse and dense curly, so it is very hard for me to use a paddle brush. I thought this brush might get stuck in my hair instead of de-tangling it 😀 but yes, it did its job very nicely.

This brush de-tangles my hair very quickly and also plays a major role in styling my hair with the blow dryer. I use it after applying sufficient amount of leave in conditioner; it just runs smoothly through my hair, making my life so easy!!!

The size is perfect and is very light in weight. I am in love with brush!!! I straighten my hair almost all the time, after straightening I use this brush to set my hair. The bristles are very soft, they help me de-tangle my hair very quickly, and the gap between them is perfect to run through dense hair curly hair.

With Revlon Signature Paddle Hair Brush You Can Brush Your Way To Smooth Hair 2

Pros of Revlon Signature Paddle Brush:

  • Light weight
  • Three color options
  • Reasonably priced when compared to other paddle brushes, so very affordable.
  • Quality of the brush is very good.
  • Very durable
  • The size of the brush is perfect, it just goes very good when used in conjunction with a blow dryer.

Cons on Revlon Signature Paddle Brush:

This size of the brush is a problem for me, it doesn’t easily fit in my purse like my comb :D, it is not a con though. I didn’t find any cons for the brush apart from this.

With Revlon Signature Paddle Hair Brush You Can Brush Your Way To Smooth Hair 3

IMBB Rating: 4.5/ 5.

Would I Repurchase/ Recommend Revlon Signature Paddle Brush?

Yes surely, the brush is reasonably priced and does its job very nicely!! For me, if I get bored using this brush, I might grab some other paddle brush from the Revlon, as I trust the brand so much!!


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