Women Hand Bags: Does Size Really Matter?

hand bagsDoes Size Matter?

Well in some cases I think women agree that size does matter! But when it comes to our handbags’ size then does it really matter?

Hand bags are such a fashion statement and we, as women, always have plenty to fill even the largest bags. After all we NEED to carry our cell phone, diary, lipstick, lip gloss, purse, compact mirror, keys, hair brush, makeup, sunglasses, I-pod… oh how the list could go on. But we are singled down to two types; there are those of us who only feel content when our bags are able to fold out as a picnic blanket, and others who prefer a dainty purse that just fits the essentials.

Both size bags have their benefits and downfalls- large bags cause back & shoulder problems, you can never find anything in them when in a hurry, always bump people as your walking past… the list could go on, but they also are great for fitting your whole wardrobe in, especially a pair of flats when your out on the town in your stilettos. They can be used as an over night bag as well as your day to night bag, and bigger the better is still the motto! Now small bags; never fit everything in them, not as much as a bold statement and can easily get lost. But they are light, versatile, better for our back and shoulders and are less hassle when out trying to dance in the club.

It all  sums up to personal style and what the individual women wants, not what’s more comfortable or better for our back support; it’s fashion after all, its never meant to be comfortable.

hand bagsHere are some top points to help you choose the right bag size for you..

A very big reason, of course, depends on your outfit. For daily use and work purposes I would opt for a larger, side-shoulder bag. This is much better for daily needs and gives a casual dress look. For a more glam outfit, cocktail dress, etc, I would snatch up a clutch. Its more simple, compact and classy.

The type of figure you have also can play a huge part on which bag size you choose.
– If you have a pear shape, your handbag should finish at your waist. Do not let your handbag end lower down as this will draw attention towards your hips and thighs.
– If you have large shoulders, you must choose a top handle bag or a clutch purse instead of a shoulder bag.
– If you have a long waist, make sure your handbag ends above your hip as this helps create a visual break around your waist area. Women with short waist should go for handbags that end below the hip as this helps elongate the torso.

So when it comes down to it, my opinion is, “Go big, or go home” Don’t get me wrong, a small bag or clutch can sometimes be the ultimate in style and function, but for the day to day, especially if you want the perfect mix of form and function, an oversized bag is the way to go. Oh and another perk of a big bag is that they can make their wearer seem noticeably dainty in comparison! SOLD!!!!!!

So what is your bag size ladies and why?

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17 thoughts on “Women Hand Bags: Does Size Really Matter?

  1. Sometimes I have guy frnds who joke around saying “oh ur bag is bigger than u ” 😛
    For a wedding or an evening out, I usually settle for a clutch. Nice post! 🙂 :yes: :yes:

  2. Good post emma, i too feel irritated wen my bag bumps the other person while walkin… But den what to do… Its very very needed to carry all da things…:-)

  3. First of….i have been following IMBB from a couple of weeks…and its awesome :D…never been a great fan of fashion and make up but of course everyone wants to look great …so a big shout out to Rati :worship: :worship: :worship:
    @ Emma – Love your writing style :yahoo: …very nice post…bags are defintiely a highlight for your wardrobe….it can make or break an occassion!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  4. my bags have always been big…..according to my size (height plus healthy body 😛 ) I definately can’t carry chotu sa purse….hehe
    So bigger is better for me.
    Yeah I do like small clutches during wedding and party.
    And while shopping, I prefer my crochet sling bag which I made ages back….it leaves my hands free to carry shopping bags…. :chic: :toothygrin:
    Nice post Emma!! :yes:

  5. Big bags , anytime, anyday.. mainly beacuse i can stuff in anything and i tend to carry half of my world with me 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛
    evenings , it is clutch , but then i will prefer a big envelope clutch than those chotu chotu ‘only money and phone’ sized ones.. :toothygrin:

  6. Nice post Emma! :waytogo: I like big bags simply cos you can carry so much stuff in them! I wish I could carry them for parties too 🙁 Everytime I think of it, I wish I had that bag Hermione has in Harry Potter, it looks like a small pouch from outside but you can carry your whole house inside it :whistle:

  7. Hi Emma me liking your post….lovely.. :))

    Big is the word for me….I can never ever settle with small bags….cuz I travel heavy real heavy….N I believe that one does look sassy with hobos and totes..


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