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Indian women have a wide range of choice as far as dresses are concerned. While the sarees, salwar suits and lehengas are always fashionable, the Indianized western look has been embraced by many a woman, especially in their day-to-day lives. Pairing a smart sleeveless top with a long cotton skirt with Kalamkari prints or wearing your favorite pair of jeans with a Kurti of your choice could be a great way to manifest your multicultural trait!
women kurtis
Indian women love to wear kurtis
Kurtis have been very much in fashion for the past decade. I wanted to find out why kurtis turn out to be one the best choices of women of every age. Google couldnโ€™t provide me with a satisfactory answer. So, I delved deep into my reservoir of ideas and there are a few answers I got regarding why kurtis have such a universal appeal among Indian women. I also had my friendly discussions with my friends regarding the same and here is an article, where I wanted to share the top reasons to invest in kurtis. Read on!

Why women love kurtis: Top Reasons
1.Universally accepted- Indian culture is liberal and conservative at the same time. While a secular culture makes Indians accept each others food, ideas, traditions and dresses whole heartedly, not only nationally but also internationally, at the same time, Indians can be quite conservative in upholding their traditions and heritage. Now, kurtis form a unique blend of both these traits. While it is quite modern in cuts and styles, it is still ethnic. Young girls as well as middle aged women can sport kurtis with equal amount of confidence, without having to worry regarding what others might be thinking! Wear it to college or to tuitions, in friendly get-togethers or in a family functions; kurtis are definitely chic.

For instance, if you are going to attend a family function, you may go for a kurti in rich gorgeous colors in silks.
A touch of gold, be it in the form of sequins or fabric colors, can really add a different dimension to your look. Pair it with gold if you think thatโ€™s a necessity since your in-laws or elderly women in your family prefer gold under all circumstances. Else go for some stylish jewelry in bronze.
On the other hand, if you want to pay visit to your friend or cousin, and yet take care of the fact that the elders in her family do not like ladies wearing skirts or tops, go for a kurti on some gorgeous shade, which is decent and beautiful at the same time.
2. Comfort blended with fashion- Kurtis are very comfortable to wear and your body is freed from those body-hugging tight dresses. At the same time, you get them in a wide range of styles to suit your occasion. Kurtis can be so comfortable that you wouldnโ€™t mind doing your household chores or even taking a nap while dressed up on one.
3. Friendly to every pocket: Pocket friendly items are always much in craze. Whether you want a comfy daily wear cotton kurti at Rs 200 or you want a silk sequined party-wear at Rs 5000, kurtis are available at every budget to suit your needs.
4. Available in a range of colors and designs: You name it, the market has it! Be it any color or cut, there are so many designs to suit every age and occasion.
Be it nude pastel shades or in glossy tones, satin material or crisp cottons, reaching below your knees or achieving a bare waist-length,there is one to cater to your taste all the time!
5. Can be easily accessorized: Women love accessories and an outfit that allows you to accessorize it with ease, is always in demand. Depending upon your sense of style, the cut of your kurti and the occasion you wear it to, it is possible to pair it with junk jewelry as well as gold and silver. You can even wear chain belts or beaded belts to adorn your waistline! Wear them with ballet shoes or sandals, stilettos or wedges; anything and everything can be paired with kurtis!
Kurtis in solid colors can be paired with a range of jewelry pieces like multicolored beaded ones, handmade jewelry and even unusual yet cheap jewelry items like the ones made of sea shells!

On the other hand, if you wear a kurti with a bit of sophisticated fabric work or patchwork, metal and pure silver jewelry look great.
6. Can be tailor-made or readymade: While you can get kurtis in millions of shops, both online and offline, you can even opt to buy dress materials and get it stitched by your tailor to give you that perfect fit!

7. Can be paired with a range of bottom-wear: Pair your with your favorite pair of skimpy jeans or with a huge Patiala, leggings or a salwar or a churidar. kurtis can be worn with different kind of bottom wear. A short kurti looks amazing with a long skirt or even harem pants.

Whether you wear something in crushed lycra material for a perfect body-hugging fit or a loose cotton kurti to enable your body to breathe, leggings in contrasting colors and jeans in blue or black look great!

Of course, these seven reasons are enough for you to invest and wear a kurti, seven days a week! I think kurtis in satin black, elegant white, dazzling red, watery blue, gorgeous purple, delicious orange and girlie pink should be there in the wardrobe of every woman! Comfort, fashion, flexibility, variety and acceptability..these are the words that define a kurti and are also the reasons for which women love kurti! That is what I could conclude. What do you feel?

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29 thoughts on “Why Women Love Kurtis

  1. Nicely written somreeta..i love love kurtis and honestly i dont remember last time i bought a new salwar kameez set..its always kurtis ๐Ÿ™‚ love the last one..so gorgeous!

  2. The reason I reach for kurtis is cause they always look fab on a pair of jeans ๐Ÿ˜› The ultimate comfort wear that always looks great !

  3. i used to wear a lot of kurtis.. kurti, patialas and kohlapuris used to be my uniform for a lonnng time. Now i buy them only occasionally. but agree with all the points you have mentioned. Loved the pink and gold kurti a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. indeed! its like my uniform rite now ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› That pink and gold is 1 f my fav too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i would love short kurtis on long skirts in blacks and oranges..my fun element is the accesorizing..tribal/chunky jewery looks really pretty..bangles, a mirror type bag, comfy shoes and you are all set.

    i wear kurtis on trousers very often to work. that’s kind of a very semi formal look..:)

  5. Agree With you Somreeta … Kurtis are Comfortable and fashionable at the same time….and I just bought 3 kurtis today ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. completelly agree with you Somreeta…. i am a completly kurti person i dnt remember when i have brought salwar kameej…kurtis are my all time favourite i wear them on regular basis either with jeans, leggings or patiyalas…. even one legging can go with many kurtis.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. somreeta.. u said it!! Generations of women.. especially married ones could wear jeans only only because of this fabulous kurti…Also mix and match and being fashionable and saving money at the same time .It is a big blessing in our conservative country.. It is accepted everywhere…

  8. Nice write up Somreeta i too love kurtis dont remember wen i bought a salwar kameez set but buy kurtis regularly

  9. wow…well thought out and researched….now thanks to u …i refuse to go on a guilt trip everytime i buy a kurti

  10. M really obsessed with kurtis alongwith those naagris..u can wear them anywhere..i mean everywhere..very well written.n i love that neck piece in d 2nd pic…

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