How Women Use Chocolate Wax and Its Benefits They Love

Everyone drools when they hear the word, chocolate! It is invigorating for all the senses. We all love to eat them, apply on our face as a mask or it can even be used as wax! Chocolate wax has multiple benefits and it is very easy to use it. Let’s find out how in this post.

Benefits of Chocolate Wax

1. It has Just the Right Temperature
There is a chance of normal wax being too hot because of which one can develop redness or rashes. This is not the case with chocolate wax as even when hot, it isn’t as hot as regular wax is. So, there is no chance of accidental skin blistering, redness or rashes.

2. It is Less Painful
Chocolate wax is enriched with natural ingredients like cocoa, almond oil, soya bean oil, sunflower oil, glycerin, and other skin nourishing compounds and vitamins including vitamin E and minerals. They all help to soothe the skin, open the pores, and achieve a less painful procedure. It is also very creamy, which ensures easy application.

3. It Suits all Skin Types
As it is enriched with so many skin nourishing compounds, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

4. It Works as Stress Buster

Chocolate has been a popular stress buster since ages. The delicious aroma of chocolate and the pleasing sensation drains away any tension and rejuvenates the mind which greatly relaxes the whole body.

5. It Can Help Extend the Time Between Wax Sessions
If you continually go for chocolate wax, then your hair growth will be sparser and hair will come out finer. So, your waxing sessions will become less frequent over time.

6. It Helps Lift a Tan
Chocolate has exfoliating properties which help to peel away the layer of dead skin that forms after sun tanning, leaving the skin back to its original color and luminous as well.

7. It is Nourishing
The ingredients in chocolate wax as mentioned above are highly nourishing for the skin like cocoa, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, glycerin and many more. They all are moisturizing and really nourishing as well.

8. It is Excellent For In-Grown Hair
Chocolate wax cleans all hair in-growth and removes even the tiniest of hair with little to no pain. So, it prevents any possibility of hair in-growth better than any normal wax.

9. It Leaves Behind A Smooth And Glowing Skin
Chocolate wax pampers your skin thoroughly, leaving you with glowing skin at the end of the waxing routine. It also moisturizes, removes tan and exfoliates the skin which all work together to give you a smooth and glowing skin.

How To Do Chocolate Waxing At Home:

1. Purchase a good quality chocolate wax.
2. Don’t forget to do a patch test before you sit down to wax.
3. Wash and dry your skin thoroughly. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the areas that you plan to wax.
4. Keep the chocolate wax to heat for a while. Do not overheat it as it reduces quality of the wax.
5. Apply a small portion of wax to the skin where waxing is necessary. Spread out the small portion evenly on that area of skin.
6. Apply the wax in the same direction of hair growth.
7. Once you are done, clean off any remaining wax with a wet sponge.

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