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A few days back (July 27 to be exact), Jane posted her Work Makeup Routine and also some useful Beauty Tips. Since I have recently started working, I could relate to the article at some level. However, my workplace (a school, I am a part-time teacher) is open to the idea of teachers dressing up in cute clothes, wearing funky jewellery and bright make up. When I mentioned this in the comments, Jane said that she would love to see my picture sporting an everyday work look. So today, while it rained cats and dogs outside and my plan to go to the mall with friends got cancelled, I decided to respond to her request. Sorry Jane, for not sending this in earlier! I’m always in a rush to get ready in the morning, so clicking pictures then is not an option!

Stuff Used-1
Stuff Used-1
Makeup used- (Lotus Kajal not shown)
  • MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation (NC30)
  • MAC Shadestick (Shimmersand)
  • Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quad in Time For Wine (top left lid colour)
  • Eyeshadow Trio my friend got from Russia (bottom most colour)
  • Maybelline Expert Eye Liner (Black)
  • Lakme Just Kissed Cheek and Lip Tint
  • Chambor Eye Definer (Black)
  • Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
  • Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick (Apple Crush)
Tools used- (bud not shown)
  • EcoTools Eye Shading Brush (Flat)
  • Ecotools Eye Shading Brush (Domed)
  • QVS Eyelash Curler
  • I moisturised my face and applied lip balm
  • I blended a pump of foundation all over my face and neck using my fingers
  • I applied an eyeshadow base all over the lid and browbone
  • I patted on some shimmery grey eyeshadow on lid
  • I used a matte nude eyeshadow all over the browbone and blended it at the crease as well
  • I roughly lined my eyes with a black pencil and smudged it using a bud
  • I thinly lined my eyes with a black liquid liner
  • I curled my lashes and applied black mascara. I also applied kajal to my lower waterline and smudged it with a bud.
  • I dotted my cheekbones with pink tint and blended it till sheer
  • I smoothed on some deep pink lipstick using my index finger
Closeup Eyes
Closeup Eyes
The Look-1
The Look-1
My brother insisted that I send in these pics as well! (as he clicked them himself :D)
On Brother's Insistence-1
On Brother's Insistence-1
Some tips I follow that helps my makeup stay on longer at work-
Before And After-1
Before And After-1
  • Use an eyeshadow base. This keeps even the crappiest eyeshadow stay put on your lids till it’s time for you to sleep!
  • Use waterproof mascara. Although it’s sometimes a pain to remove waterproof mascara, you’ll not regret using one. I’ve cried and rubbed my eyes without ANY form of smudging whatsoever.
  • Use a tint under your powder blush. The powder might wear off as the day progresses but you’ll still have rosy cheeks.
  • Apply lipstick with your fingers. Not only will this give a smooth and even application, but it will help bleeding and feathering of your lipstick, in turn helping your lipstick stay on longer.
  • Set your makeup (including your eyeshadow) with translucent powder. I’m presently not using any powder because I have dry skin and like my skin to remain supple. Otherwise, I was using Lakme’s Rose Powder, which is quite sheer.
  • Blend kajal with a bud to prevent smudging
Also, in a recent post about MAC Makeup Wipes by Aarthi (dated August 11), there was a mild interest towards the Johnsons Baby Wipes. I personally use them because they are-
After Using Wipe-1
After Using Wipe-1
  • Affordable (I got 20 wipes for Rs 59)
  • Easily available
  • Alcohol free (good for people with all skin types!)
  • Enriched with moisturisers (excellent for dry skinned people like me! I don’t apply my moisturiser later on and still feel no tightness or dryness whatsoever!)
Basically my logic says that if it’s good enough for a baby’s bottom, it’s good enough for my face!
Here you can see that I’ve used just ONE baby wipe to remove my ENTIRE makeup. Yep, you read it right! All traces of my stubborn waterproof mascara were gone too! You can see how squeaky clean yet moisturised my face is!
So.. well.. umm… err… hehe. πŸ˜€ I dunno what more to say. πŸ˜›


71 thoughts on “My Work Makeup Look

  1. mannn my face has changed!! the more i look at my pictures the more i realize how different i look. ageing.. hrmph. πŸ˜›
    see i always get so excited when i see my posts.. :heh:

  2. Hi Rima.. u r really luking super cute n luvly in ur ‘Work makeup luk’.. :-)) :beauty:
    u know i myself worked as a teacher in school for 3 yrs n then after marriage entered in Corporate Training institute..n used to get dressed in a similar way except for the blush n mascara still kids used to luv my luks.. i dont know whether i was more popular among students coz of my teaching or my makeup.. ?:-) πŸ˜› :rotfl: bt they luved me.. tht i n every1 else knew.. πŸ˜‰
    n i am sure kids in ur school wud also b luving a sweet cute teacher like u a lottt.. ur luk is just perfect for ur workline.. :-))

    1. nids, i’m a little embarrassed to call this my work makeup look coz i shared these pics with a friend and she said that the eyes looked better suited for a party (what with the shimmer and all :P)
      it’s good to hear that you were teaching too. isn’t it such a pleasure to be around kids? they get on your nerves too but in the end it’s so rewarding. i dunno how i’ll feel when i quit πŸ™
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

    1. oh gaea there are these teachers who pull my leg in the same way πŸ˜›
      my hair has a life of its own, like little springs they go off in all directions πŸ˜› maybe i’ll do a post on how i manage (or mismanage) them! :rotfl:
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

      1. πŸ˜€ lucky ones. I studied in a drab but a then-outstanding school and looking at teachers in christian missionaries who were chicly dressed used to be a treat! πŸ™‚

        ah they look very managed with nice soft curls which either means you are modest or really good at it. I can tell you tales about unmanageable manes, frizz and waves myself πŸ™ now that volume has reduced its better πŸ˜‰
        .-= Gaea´s last blog ..The Body Shop All-In-One Face Base Review =-.

        1. curly hair and frizz are chuddy buddies! my hair goes for a toss during the monsoon (like now!)
          oh and do let us know how the wipes work out. i hear himalaya has baby wipes too, but don’t know whether they’re moisturising.
          .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

    1. thanksssssss rati!
      you know i always loved colour but it’s only after coming to this blog that i actually started experimenting with bright shades on a day to day basis. i got the brightest corals and pinks and now when other people come and tell me that they get inspired to wear bright shades by looking at me, i feel so very happy. :beauty: :blush:
      my lips were inching towards fuchsia colorburst but i realized i’ve already posted my lips sporting that colour over here so i settled on the lakme 9 to 5. :silly:
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  3. YAY!!!!! You took my request seriously ? Thats super sweet of you , Rima ! Thank you and I LOVE YOUR LOOK. Who wouldn’t want to study under such a cute teacher ? Prettiness dot com πŸ™‚ Thanks again.

    1. awww jane how could i not take you seriously? if someone requests for something i am more than happy to oblige πŸ™‚
      plus it gives me an excuse to play with my makeup and click pretty pretty photos :inlove:
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

      1. And Rima, even am using baby wet wipes only, not johnson though- it s Baby Farlin..i used to buy this for my son when he was a baby; now also am buying it but being used by his mommy!i just love them and as Gaea said even i have had a bad experience with Kara, skin broke out like hell!!!i feel baby wipes in general are the safest to use for our faces…u rightly said it :yes:

  4. hmmmmm i wanna be ur student πŸ˜›
    hey what do u teach and what standard? (obvious question)
    loved alllll the pics….and the make up used too
    do more such posts :-))

    1. i take elocution classes to help children improve their conversation skills in the english language. i also teach english creative writing to help improve the children’s writing skills. the school is upto class VIII so i teach classes I-VIII *phew* :dazed:
      i will surely post more often if you say so :snicker:
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  5. You are such a cute teacher… :-* :-* :-*

    You remind me of my primary school teacher.. She used to teach English and was the only one who used to apply bright lipsticks… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    I could register only that much makeup at that age.. :-/ :-/

    But we used to looove her for her bright lippies!!! :-* :-*
    Wow.. You got me all nostalgic… πŸ™‚

    1. thanks mrun :-* :-* :-*
      i too remember most of my teachers by their bright clothes and makeup, besides their personality, nature and teaching skills of course :silly:
      my class teacher in 9th and 10th was this slender, middle aged woman who wore the most gorgeous, sexy georgette sarees and amazing, delicate precious stone jewellery. her lips were impeccably lined and filled in with the most delectable shades. awww i’m all nostalgic too now! :heart: :heart:
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  6. So sweet Rima..I want to say so many things

    1) You are indeed a lovely teacher..hehe.I am sure the li’l ones get fascinated by your looks πŸ™‚

    2) You have amazing skin and I love it.

    3) I used to teach english..once upon a time..LOL. Sounds like I’m too old na?

    4) Love the J&J baby wipes.

    Mrun : I too had a Goan teacher in school, who taught us rhymes and songs. She was always admired for her bright lippies and floral frocks+she always had candies in her pocket for the student who perfectly sang the rhymes.

  7. Hey Rima….i liked both your before as well as after pics…which one do I choose :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) . I use the Johnson wipes for my baby’s bottom as well as on my face…..hey by the way, it costs Rs. 59 for the small ones with 20 wipes and the large pack costs around Rs. 130 (I think)…….the wipes are great……I carry a pack always with me….. :-))

    1. hehehe jomol you surely know how to flatter!!! :blush:
      hopefully rati will see this and change the price. these wipes are really a blessing. i would have got the larger pack but my previous experience with kara’s wipes left me disappointed as they dried out barely three or four days after opening the pack. my aunt once had a plastic box of around 1o0 wipes from usa that could be sealed shut. wonder if those kinds are available in india. that would be a blessing in delhi’s drying heat.
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  8. wow u look so prettyy !!!
    love your curls :inlove: they look so well defined.
    i have a similar kind of hair. however it gets so frizzy when i leave it open. any tips on how you manage them?

    1. thanks insiya!
      so you have similar hair? that’s nice! i’m actually thinking about doing a post on how i manage my hair. maybe that will help you. keep a watch!

  9. You look very pretty. Like Jomol commented you look very nice without make up as well. Your look is neat and natural.

    You’ve got great skin. All I can say is pretty pretty pretty :-))

  10. Hi Rima,

    Just 2 words for you…”pretty woman”…lovely, clean and simple look.
    It’s just the right balance between looking turely professional and polished. I am sure your students would come to you for special classes on make up, besides you teaching them english:)
    I am really impressed on how you have kept your profession in mind while doing this make up :yes: to you on this… πŸ™‚

  11. lovely look Rima, I bet your kids love coming to school just to see you, theres something very nice about seeing a pretty young teacher in class even if a little distracting :D, love the lip colour on u btw

    1. thanks renuka πŸ˜€
      the 9 to 5 lakme lipsticks are amazing for those who don’t want to bother about their lips for the next couple of hours. they are truly long lasting albeit a little drying with a tendency to feather after sometime. i’ve learnt how to counteract all these problems so as of now i love these lipsticks.
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  12. Hey rima, after going through your piccys, all i can say is “”BEAUTIFUL””
    u r looking stunning in all the pictures, mind it all, with or without makeup, one more thing u have flawless skin dear…lucky u :heh:

  13. Hey Rima…your looking very beautiful in all the pics!!!! the makeup is also very apt for your work !!!

    I am def gonna try out Johnson’s baby wipes soon πŸ˜‰

    1. thanks HD. :cute: and now we know your real name and how you look like! 😎 it always makes me feel warm and happy from inside to know a bit more about someone.
      do try out the wipes, you won’t be disappointed! :yes:
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

    1. sonia (my nickname’s sonia too πŸ˜› ), i don’t wear specs outside the home, but i thought it would be fun to show my bespectacled side to imbb as well. some people manage to look so fun and flirty wearing them but i just look like a big padhaku :silly:
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  14. sooooo beautiful… i loved it soo soo much tht m commenting thru on-screen keyboard… m keyboard is not wrkig… πŸ˜₯ …
    love ur hair.. and u have such pretty and fresh skin.. mwaah.. god bless.. take care :lashes: :lashes: :beauty: :beauty: :beauty:

  15. Hi Rima, lovely post! Your skin is absolutely gorgeous and you look amazing even without makeup! I’m sure your students love to be taught by you. I studied in a typical south Indian school, where everyone had oiled hair and no makeup. Even nailpolish and artificial earrings were not allowed! When I was in the 8th and 9th, we had a teacher who used to match her saris to her nailpolish and we thought she was super stylish! I sure would have loved a teacher who took pride in dressing up!

    Also, I get really inspired by people like you, who wear such bright colours to work and on a regular basis. In Chennai, people stare at you for no reason. Actually, I’m sure that’s the case all over India. And wearing makeup makes people stare even more. I normally feel very conscious at times like this and tone down my makeup, even though I LOVE bright lippies :(. But on seeing you and other IMBB ladies, I get inspired to wear bright colours. Slowly. To hell with all the starers!

    And ya, I use the johnson baby wipes as well, but I would advise you not to get the bigger pack. By the time you get to the last few, they would have dried out. I speak from experience. I’ve tried kara (yuk) and himalaya (eh..) as well, but nothing removes my makeup like johnson.

    PS. would love to see more posts from you. Especially posts about makeup looks!

    1. hey ame i came back here to show this post to a friend so just saw your comment. thank you so much for your lovely compliments. earlier i too would worry about what people would think about my makeup but now i care two hoots about them! i say go ahead and sport your bright lippies! you only live once!
      i don’t think i’ll buy the larger packs of wipes, they dry out, i know. my kara ones dried out even though i had got the smaller pack! (thank god actually, coz they were horrible! stung my eyes and made my vision cloudy)
      i do wanna check out the himalaya baby wipes though.
      and don’t worry, i’ll surely post whenever i have time. πŸ™‚

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