Work Makeup Routine & Beauty Tips

Work Makeup Routine & Beauty Tips

I am sure a lot of people who read the blog can relate to hectic busy mornings during the week when we have to rush for work. We hardly seem to have time for anything let alone do some makeup. But, just a little effort and a couple of products we can look polished and presentable. I have always been a makeup person. Nothing major though. During college my makeup routine was moisturizer, Liquid Eyeliner, thick kajal on the water line and shiny lip balm. Just these steps and believe me almost all my classmates used to be surprised at how I manage to pull off these things in the morning. But the truth is, once you figure out your day to day look, it’s a matter of 5 mins 8 mins. Really!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Just adding thick layers of makeup won’t get you anywhere. You’ll get the wrong kind of attention. Remember, we are looking for subtle and tastefully done makeup. It should let your natural beauty shine through.
Work Makeup Routine & Beauty Tips

My current office routine is a little more sophisticated than my college routine though.

So, the trick here is to figure out your best feature. Each one of us are blessed with at least one good thing. Silky hair, Perfect sharp nose, beautiful skin so on. Play up that one good thing and take advantage of it. I have been blessed with good skin. I hardly have any zits. Most of the time my skin is clear. So I just use a nice moisturizer to keep my skin supple and glowing and don’t bother with a heavy foundation during my everyday routine. Now, here’s how I pull of my everyday look.

1) Moisturize face with a really good moisturizer. I use cetaphil moisturing cream. This thing is so thick and luscious. No fragrance, nothing! Just pure moisturization.Perfect for dry skin.

Tip: I moisturize my face when I step out of the shower. I then proceed to finish my breakfast. That way I give my moisturizer to do its thang! Foundations apply so much better if your face has sometime to absorb the moisturizer.

2)    With a large fluffy brush, I swipe on Revlon Colorstay pressed powder all over my face (This ones OK, nothing great. It does brighten up my skin upon application, but fades after about 2hrs 🙁 ). I do not need much coverage. So a couple swipes of pressed powder, I am good to go.

3)    For eyes. I really love thick kajal look. I draw a thick line on my lower lash line and smudge it up with a q-tip. Sometimes I line my upper eyes, most days I don’t. I have small eyes, so lining both upper and lower lash line tends to make my eyes look smaller. Next I curl my lashes (Make a big difference!), and apply a coat of L’oreal Telescopic explosion mascara. (The wand is uber cute and works like a magic for me.)
Loreal telescopic mascara
4)    Finally I use a nice neutral pinkish brown lipstick. And voila! I am all set for the day. I like MAC crème in your coffee for work wear. I skip blush for work coz I find it too much for me. You can always add some color to your cheeks if you want.

This routine takes a maximum of 8 minutes. (Yes, I timed it. I am a nerd!) Now don’t tell me you can’t spare 10 minutes to look sophisticated. Practice a simple routine when you have some downtime during weekends. Once you know what you want to do, it’s really simple. Just a little effort to look good can go a long way.

Work Makeup Routine
Keep in mind, if you do not care about the way you look how do think others at work will perceive you? I am not talking about full on heavy makeup and fashionable clothes. Neat neutral ironed clothes and a little basic makeup. That’s it. While makeup is only a part of you, what you wear to work is equally important. Even if your office culture allows you to wear casual clothes, do not go overboard. Remember higher-ups are always watching you. You want to make sure that they know that you take your work seriously. What more than to start with professional looking clothes. Keep casual clothes restricted to Fridays and avoid short, low cut clothes. They may send wrong signals to the important people.

Always be well groomed. Keep you hair in a good shape. Having a bad hair day? Tying it into slick ponytail looks very polished. Keep a small kit with essentials like a mini body mist, mints, hair brush and some makeup essentials. It could help you on those days that you go out after office hours.

I hope these little tips helped you guys. Do you guys have a simple work makeup routine or some nice work tips? Post it in the comments section and lets all get more ideas. 🙂

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42 thoughts on “Work Makeup Routine & Beauty Tips

  1. love the post!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    and been a long time since i have seen u round here…..and BTW…how do u wear kajal? i mean ..i use the shahanaz Hussain Kajal and now it has gone slightly blunt and the color is not as intense as it used to be….and it is smudging all over my under can u help me put???!!!
    .-= fathima´s last blog ..Loreal Glamshine 6H lipgloss review =-.

    1. Thanks Fathima 🙂 Yeah been a bit busy lately ! So , to tell you the truth even though I love shanaz kajal I mostly stay away from it when I go to work or when I need heavy duty wear(I use powerpoint MAC or UD 24 X7). I use shahnaz only when I am running errands etc..So the way I apply is quite different coz i never prefer super sharp tip. I apply, with a heavy hand on my water line and lowerlashline together. So i do get a bit here and there..but I just clean them up with a q tip. It comes only with practice. I dont know how else to describe my method 🙂

      1. oh! but none of the kajal’s i have is heavy wear …And the current liquid liner i have is a drugstore brand eyetex and and the wand is not good enuff to be used on bottom lashline…but i like how my eyes look with liner on bottom lashline..tell me a solution ???anyone???
        .-= fathima´s last blog ..Loreal Glamshine 6H lipgloss review =-.

        1. Fathima, check out the liquid liners with felt will work on lower lash line- maybelline, bourjois etc have felt tip ones

        2. Fathima ,

          Practice Practice. Experiment experiment. Thats the only to find out what works you. Believe for about 2 yrs during my college I used to use lakme liquid eyeliner for my lower lashline too. People used to be so surprised when they found out it was liquid liner on my lower lashline. I dont know how I did it then,,but i can’t seem to do that now 🙁 So just keep trying and I am sure you’ll figure out soon enough !!

  2. Great!!even i follow a similar routine for office makeup (only difference is in brands)- as u said absolute NO to blush & heavy foundation..we think alike Jane esp that “wrong signal” part.. :laugh:

  3. Hey Jane. Really nice and useful tip for office-goers. Simple and easy tips. The small essentials kit was a really necessary for all of us. Love your article. Thanks a lot 🙂

  4. I also follow a similar routine but I also apply blush. Blushes are are something I drool over. 😛 The tips are clear and to the point. Loved the article, Jane. You must write here more often.

    The Loreal mascara wand is very unique and uber cute. 🙂

    1. yeah I guess need to play around with a subtle neutral blush 🙂 Telescopic is really good. One of my fav mascara. Is it available in India ?

        1. oh oh thats too bad..I love it and the best thing about it is its sooo easy to ugly balck mess..little coconut oil..everything comes out clean. I recently bought maybelline colossal volume..and its a pain in the a** to remove that thing. Besides I dont see any “colossal volume” 🙁

  5. hi jane dis is exactly what i do for office… bt i apply sun block afer moisturized… but yes products are different… :disdain:

  6. i apply everything under the sun when i go to work. i teach in a school and children love it when they see bright colours on my face. on days i wear something subtle, they ask me why i’m not looking cute as usual 😛
    i remember being a kid and loving teachers who would wear bright lipsticks

    1. Rima- Ohh..totally relate you. I used to have teachers that used dress up so well and I remember thinking that I should look like them when I grow up. COz when we are young , teachers are somebody that we totally look upto. I would love to see a picture of you sporting a everyday work look. Pretty please ? 🙂

  7. Lovely tips jane :))

    I also swipe on a basic eyeshadow and add a little blush, then put powder on top (a glow from within kinda thing!) 😛

    Btw, what MAC shade are you? I also loved creme in your coffee when I tried it so wanted to know if your complexion is similar!
    .-= ki.´s last blog ..Quick tips =-.

    1. Ki – I am not entirely sure about the MAC shade..coz every time the MUA match me to a different time they gava something in the NC 40 riange..another time in the NW range 🙁 But Mu complexion is not fairnot very dark either..somewhat like the color when you add creme your coffee 😀

  8. Hey Jane, I like grabbed all of your tips Jane. Your routine for work is great and it can be substitued for an everyday regime. I liked your idea of applying moisturiser asap after shower, I think its a great idea…..but Cetaphill……oh no….I will die….

    And your tip about smudging with a Q tip and not lining the both the lids together is :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: . Oh, I am going through the post once again to catch more tips…. 🙂

    1. Jomol – Thank you for all the kind words 🙂 Glad you found it useful. We all know these things but when we read from others perspective its all the more interesting , no ? 🙂

  9. This is great! Jane…I follow the same routine…and yeap I totally agree with you on the time..8-10 mins flat and you are ready to get out of that door!!!
    I use a 2 in 1, Sunblock + moisturizer,I just have one more step before that. Since I have a combi skin type, I use a tonner just out of the shower and then a moisturizer. It really helps contorl the skin oils… :-)) :yes:

  10. Nice article Jane… My office makeup is similar to your college one… kajal, occasional liner and lip balm / gloss…. i liked your mini kit content… mine lacks mints 🙂 guess would add them…
    .-= anks´s last blog ..Writing Vs Therapy =-.

    1. Thanks Gaea..believe me if I had the time I would do the whole 9 yards..but I simply don’t. So I have to cut it short 🙁

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