Workout Routine for Tank Top Ready Arms

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Summer is here in its full force. The temperature here in Delhi has already touched 40 degree celsius. Most of us hate summers, but on the brighter side, we get to wear those cute tank tops and summer dresses. Today, I am going to show you a workout routine to get toned tank top arms which you can perform at the comfort of your home on a mat or even on your bed. You don’t need any equipment for these exercises as you’ll be using your own body weight to achieve those sexy and sleek arms.

Workout Routine for Tank Top Ready Arms7

This workout consists of five moves. Take a rest of 10 seconds between each move. And, do a total of three sets of this circuit and you’re good to go.

Mini Arm Circles

Workout Routine for Tank Top Ready Arms4

This move is great for warming up your arms for next exercises and toning your shoulders simultaneously. Keep your back straight, bend your arms with palms facing upwards as if you are holding a ball in each palm. Start moving your arms in circular motion forward with palms facing up the whole time and elbows bent. Do this for thirty seconds and then, reverse the direction and repeat for another thirty seconds.

Single Chest Press Pulses

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Bring your elbows and palms together. Now, lift up your arms bringing the elbows towards your chin. You will feel your biceps, shoulders and chest working out. Keep doing this exercise for sleek arms for about 60 seconds.

Reach Behinds

Workout Routine for Tank Top Ready Arms5

This exercise works great in toning both your arms and upper back. Sit down with the arms open at your sides at shoulder level and palms facing the floor. Rotate your hands with the palms up and pull your elbows back to your mid back making a V shape. Then, press out again. In order for this exercise to work you need to really feel and squeeze your arm muscles and your mid back muscles. Keep doing this for 60 seconds.

Triangle/Diamond Push Ups

Workout Routine for Tank Top Ready Arms8

This targets your triceps. Start in the plank position bring your hands below the shoulders making a diamond shape with your palms. Slowly bring your body down and then, come back. Do 10-12 reps of this exercise. You can do it on your knees too if you find it difficult.

T- Push Ups

Workout Routine for Tank Top Ready Arms6

As you finish your last rep of triangle push ups, remain in the plank position. Lower yourself to the floor. As you push yourself up, rotate the right side of your body upward, lift your right arm, and roll onto the outside of your left foot. Straighten your right arm so your fingertips point toward the ceiling. Hold for one second before returning to the push up position. Repeat, this time rotating left and reaching up with your left arm. That’s one rep. Do five.

Repeat this routine regularly and your arms will become summer ready in no time!

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