World’s Top 6 Fashion Cities

World’s Top 6 Fashion Cities

Hello everyone. Most of us like to travel. Isn’t it?? Imagine if those travel destinations are fascinating in scenic beauty as well as have a bonus point of enhancing your beauty. 🙂 I guess you won’t reject that offer. Here I am presenting you the most fashionable cities of the world.

Woman with shopping in New York street


• London: Aaawwww now this my dream destination. You must have heard about London fashion week which is organised twice each year. It is one the major events which shows their love for fashion and clothes. London is said to have shops that vary from big luxurious brands to simple street shops where you can bargain. I know bargaining is loved by Indians.

• Paris: Yes yes, how many of you are thinking to go their? Eiffel tower is not only the attraction gurls, what makes an important mark is their fashion sense. Though an ancient city, Paris has fashion in its air. You will have every brand showcasing their collection in those super big malls and their designer store.

• New York: How many of you have those NYC tagged lip colours and fashion accessories? Americans are lucky to have such an advanced city in their country. It is a city that never sleeps. You will witness the most fashionable clothing while you explore the city walking from one street to the other.

• Milan: Well-known designers namely Giorgio Armani, Versace, Prada, Dolce&Gabanna have their roots in the city. Many of us have craved for getting a goodie from their store. I know they are really costly but what I have heard is they are a bit cheap in the city as compared to the cost they have in India.


• Tokyo: I usually watch TLC to stay connected with different amazing experiences of the world. One night I was watching a show on it which showed how people of Tokyo experimented with their clothes and their fashion sense. Those people were very bold in choosing their dresses and carried them with great attitude.

• Barcelona: This Spanish city is very beautiful. People here value modesty and they tend to dress conservatively. You will see people wearing casual clothes but they are very nicely fitted and of good quality. So you can expect good range of clothes on their streets and shops.

So friends these are the best recognised fashion landmarks of the world. Whenever you plan your next trip with your spouse, make sure you choose it keeping in mind the benefit you can have visiting a new place.

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  1. I want to make a visit soon *happydance* you have tempted me enough *happy dance* *happy dance* even though paris is expensive i will go there once atleast *hifive* *drool* and yes eiffel tower does not matter lol *hihi* *hihi*

    1. 🙂 we love to shop saloni wherever we go.. *drool* first thing we ask after reaching the destination ,where is the market place? isn’t how can paris be an xception *hihi*

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