My Worst NYX Lipsticks

My Worst NYX Lipsticks

worst nyx lipstick
Nyx round lipsticks in Apollo and Eucalyptus Review, swatches:

Usually I write about lipsticks I love but this time around I wanna share with you guys the blunder of online shopping :headbang: I recently did a big nyx haul and I chose wisely in terms of color selection etc but still I could not avoid getting these two awful colors in the process. Im happy with the other nyx lipsticks and stuff I got but these one blah! I am a big fan of cream lippies that stay put and are not greasy and sticky and glossy in finish and don’t bleed because of being creamy. I had heard a lot about the nyx round lipticks and I could not help but get many. I am assured that I have got all the shades I liked after a lot of research on the net except these two. But must say, nyx lipsticks is lipstick lovers dream and specially the creamy non shimmer frost finish for people like me . I am totally enjoying having indulged in these as they have gorgeous nudes and corals and brown and they glide on the lips like butter :hypnotized: I love the cute packaging and the price of course. The shades on offer will drive any one crazy.


Nyx Round Lipstick in Apollo

When me and my friends were ordering these we were confused even till the last minute. So I had quickly make some additions in the list and I added this Apollo color because I thought it a creamy brown. On the other hand, It turned out to be a coppery bronzy shimmer frost finish lipstick only suited to parties and weddings and Indian wear, I agree it’s a gorgeous color to got with Indian wear specially with something copper or zari and may be a superb bridal wear too. the color is very creamy pigmented and frosted . but this kind of color would make my lips appear as though the lipsticks were bleeding :stars: I donno why. I am not comfortable carrying this color at all unless it was some reception party in the night. For day wear its very loud.

I know many of us may like bronzes so you can pick this up to match with some outfit of your :))
nyx round lipstick apollo

nyx round lipstick eucalyptus
Nyx Round Lipstick in Eucalyptus:
This was a last minute addition and I thought it’s a deep creamy pink sans shimmer or frost but it turned out to be a very very bright fuchsia pink with silver shimmer slightly showing up. It would brighten the face up no doubt but again I cant carry off these bright pinks like many others would :(( it’s a bridal wear imo and would look good on occasions when u get all traditionally dolled up. I know a lot of girls who love fushcia lipsticks this can be for them. Again very creamy but has a sticky kind of feel to it  nice bright but not for me!
Last Word:
These two colors may be good for traditional wear, bridal wear and party wear and Indian weddings. I got these two by mistake as I could not figure out the exact color online. I cannot carry these . these are creamy but is frosted . the eucalyptus one would definitely brighten up many faces. As for me , these are gonna be lying unused!

I started of with my worst nyx lipsticks now I will be reviewing my favourites soon. Loving all of them :toothygrin: mostly nudes and browns and pinks!

Rating: 4.5 on 5 for nyx lippies on the whole

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38 thoughts on “My Worst NYX Lipsticks

  1. I liked the Apollo though … :toothygrin: :toothygrin: … And u helped many online buyers for the selection.. :thanks: :high5:

  2. neha, i ahve apollo too :toothygrin: when i swatched on my hand at a shop , wahan to theek laga but the minute i put it on my lips i decided to donate it to my mother. :tongue: even she just tocuhes her lips lightly with this as she finds it too bright n orangey for her age.
    waise mera favorite fuchia is loral colr riche waal saat sau rupaye ka :yahoo: i dont have eucalyptus 😐

  3. Apollo looks nice …..magar haan…very loud. I can’t carry it off. :nono:
    And the second one is toh. 😐 😐 😐 :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
    The colour I hate. :spank:

  4. my NYX frapucchino has done me no justice too :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: its kinda biscuit colored-that washes me out completely-even my NYX jumbo lip pencil in soft fuschia does that too 🙁 in swatches they looked very cool toned-but on lips-they kinda look at least 2 shades lighter and warmer-and to me-light shades are less manageable than darker ones 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. i hav a bronze frm revlon super lustrous nut this is more frosty.. 😐 😐
    n i luv fushia pinks :love: :love: .. thanxx for the clear swatches neha.. :-*

  6. i agree with you on that bright fuchsia shade 🙂 i normally wear sheer glosses, n i would like to try out some opaque lippies…but such dhamakedar bright pinks are an absolute no no for me! i find such shades very uncomfortably loud :announce: :announce: :announce:

  7. Neha, Could you do worst lippies ever ..
    Basically this would give us a hint of what not to buy..
    O:) O:)
    I am afraid of lippies and just starting with really my lipps but better colors.. 🙂

  8. Waiting fr ur favourites video Neha….. :woot: I love both the colours especially appollo :thumbsup: eucalyptus can be worn in just one swipe topped with gloss m sure it will look good ……. Thanks fr the review :thanks:

  9. Nehaaa! I know many hate asked yo this question many times! But i am getting too curious and not able to resist myself from asking it..
    What do yo do with so much lippies? :worship:
    i always struggle to finish a lipstick! And finally after getting bored of it, will throw away 🙁

  10. nice post neha…achcha padhte padhte sometimes it helps to find out what doesnt work! i hv these 2 colors and only after reading this did i realize that i never use them 🙂

      1. Hey dr,
        i used to ve the coppery-bronzy shade in elle18 previously..
        lyk u said, cudnt wear it alone cos of the OTT effect, but i used to apply a single swipe and fr gloss, used to add either a orangey shade for a coral-coppey nice effect or a pink shade fr a more natural look..try, but this myt work only fr me cos of the pinkish pigmentation on my lips.. :((

  11. hello neha, those are lipstick shades that never suits me too and its a nice review too. You know it nice to know what is ‘not-so -good looking’ on you that what suits you good. And hey guys, don’t throw those lip sticks instead turn into lip glosses at home. You know it will change shades while doing this.
    :)) :thumbsup:

  12. Neha I don’t do frost finishes on lipsticks either. They look…off on me. :sidefrown: I’ve tried a handful of colors from the nyx round lipstick range also, my favorite remains Fig, which is a light pink shade. Which shade do you like best so far? 🙂

  13. Neha has spoken! I like the bronzy one better. But still not something you can wear on a daily basis. Look forward to seeing the rest of your haul.

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