12 Worst Things To Do If you Are Trying to Lose Weight

It seems a large chunk of population out there is on a mission to lose extra pounds, get healthy, fitter, and leaner, but then are they doing the right things and employing the correct strategies. A majority of people tend to steer towards unhealthy means to shed weight, and most of them can be counted as marketing gimmicks, which do absolutely nothing to melt away fat deposits; they mostly remove excess water and nothing more. We have been telling you through previous posts about doing the right things that would lead to weight loss, but in this post, we would like to list down 12 Worst Things To Do if you are Trying to Lose Weight so that you can steer clear of all of them.

Worst Things To Do for Weight Loss

1. Going on Cleanse Diet to Shed Weight: Sure, you must have seen scores of people on social media gulping down gallops of concoctions with water, lemon, salt and cayenne pepper and feeling queasy for the rest of the day in oder to lose weight, but through such practices, they get to lower only water weight with no real fat burning. Not to mention the common side effects associated with cleansing and detox diets –  such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, dull skin and the one thing you don’t want to hear – hair fall! The right thing to do is to get on the correct diet to lose weight, such as the Rati Beauty diet, on the Rati Beauty app, where you can eat food and lose weight, without compromising on nutrition or health. Please don’t even think about gulping down gallons of horrid-tasting liquids because as we have mentioned above, they do not lead to fat burning.
2. Going on a Crash Diet: Most people are scared of following weight loss diets because such diets are based on food deprivation or crash dieting, where severe calorie restriction is imposed. Also, crash dieting also would mean cutting down of food sources that provide nutrients and following it over a period of time, would eventually lead to hair fall, dry skin, and nutritional deficiencies. With crash dieting, you would end up looking malnourished and weak rather than fit and healthy. Crash dieting will leave you with little or absolutely no energy to do workouts or exercise, so there you go – multiple reasons why you should not try crash diet. Crash dieting also slows down metabolism and keeps fat burning to minimal. Check out the Rati Beauty weight loss program that does not encourage crash dieting and helps you pick wholesome food.
3. Getting Obsessed with the Weighing Scale: Never measure your weight loss success solely through the weighing scale. Look for other weight loss signs such as clothes fitting better, increased energy, the ability to sleep well at night, etc. Also, weigh yourself just once a week, not every single day.
4. Relying Just on Exercise to Burn Fat: You can never outrun a bad diet, and never without entering into a calorie deficit. The easiest way to maintain a calorie deficit is through diet, and that’s why relying only on exercise will not fetch fast results.
5. Not Making Lifestyle Changes: Getting more active, avoiding junk food, de-stressing are all part of making positive lifestyle changes without which weight loss will get stalled.
6. You Pick only “Fat Free” Foods Now: There’s a big misconception that “fat free” foods would speed up the weight loss process; however, when you read the ingredients list of such “fat-free food products,” you would be surprised to find that the fat content has been replaced by loads of sugar to make for ripped fat content, to appeal to the palate of consumers. Eat real food, eat healthy fats, and avoid processed “fat-free” foods.
7. Looking for Laxative Pills: Taking diet pills or laxative pills is not at all the right way to lose weight and get trim. There’s a huge misconception of how fat gets out of the body, and no it’s not what you are thinking. Fat molecules are burnt, some of it is utilized, and the rest get out of the body in the form of carbon dioxide, through the lungs! So, stop spending your money on laxatives and diet pills if you have no bowel issues. Laxatives have little to no effect on fat burning, stay away from them!
8. Swapping Wholesome Meals with Packaged Meal Replacement Powders and Appetite Suppressant Shakes: When you swap real food with meal replacement powders (expensive ones at that), you are putting yourself at a risk of developing nutritional deficiencies, hair fall, etc. Find the right meal plans on the Rati Beauty app.
9. Too Much Processed Food: Just because they mention diet-friendly, low calorie, and sugar free – processed food can never replace real food. There are multiple benefits of eating homemade food – you can cut loads of calories, be sure of healthy ingredients, cut out bad ingredients like transfat, etc. And you get to save lots of money while doing so.
10. Overeating Healthy Foods: This is a mistake each one of us makes – we do not count calories when it comes to healthy foods such as avocado, vegetables, eggs, fruits, etc. No food is calorie free; there’s some amount of calories that come attached with healthy food as well, and without mindful eating, they can put you into calorie surplus and lead to weight gain instead. Read about 14 Healthy Foods you are Probably Overeating.
11. Topping up Healthy Salads with Unhealthy Dressings: Salads are often termed as a healthy option, but certain mistakes can tip it towards the unhealthier side, one such mistake is by  adding flavour by drenching the veggies with unhealthy sauces purchased from the store. This may prove counterproductive if you are trying to lose weight because these dressings pump in loads of calories, pushing you out of calorie deficit. So, whip up your own dressings and avoid store-bought ones.
12. Compromising on Sleep: Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours straight is extremely important – you can slog out in the gym or work two times a day, but weight loss will not happen until you don’t sleep enough. If you have been trying to add more exercises into your routine by comprising sleep, then you are making a big mistake because insufficient sleep can throw important hormones like insulin, human growth hormone, ghrelin (hunger hormone), leptin (satiety hormone) into a tizzy and without proper cooperation from these hormones, weight loss will not happen.

Avoid making these mistakes and lose weight successfully!

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