Wunder Eye Under Eye Cream Review

Wunder Eye Under Eye Cream Review

Dear Beauties,

Hope you are are having a wonderful week. I have been little under the weather due to viral fever, but I am on my way to recovery. Today, I am going to review Wunder Under Eye Cream from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

Wunder Eye Under Eye Cream Review

Previously, I have tried the aloe vera gel, Organic Surge Under Eye Cream, and the famous Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream, but none really worked on my extreme dark circles. Though Organic Surge Under Eye Cream did help, but very little and Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream made my skin very oily. This cream was recommended by one of my friends for dark under eye circles.  She has used it and swears by it, so I couldn’t resist and got it the same day itself! So, let’s get started with the review.

Wunder Under Eye Cream


It comes in a dark green tube form. The dispenser is very small and you can easily control the amount of cream. Overall, the packaging is pretty user and travel friendly. I have taken this cream with me during travelling and never had any issues.


The cream comes in white color and is extremely light in texture.  It has lotion-like consistency and gets absorbed in a few seconds into the skin leaving behind soft and supple skin.  There is no oily residue of any kind.

Wunder Under Eye Cream

Does it Work?

I am using this cream for more than 2 months now and I would say yes it does work, but only to a certain extent. Let me explain.  My dark circles are a combination of hereditary, stress, and sitting for long hours in front of the computer.  Also, I have extremely dry skin around my eyes, which also makes it appear darker.  This cream does work on giving proper moisturization to my under eye skin. With regular usage, the dark circles do get lightened to some extent, especially if your dark circles are due to stress and improper diet. Majority of dark circles are due to hereditary and hence this cream does not do anything for them.

This cream works well on puffiness and tired eyes pretty well. Though I don’t have major puffiness issue around my eyes, but if I have slept pretty late, the next morning, my eyes do tend to look tired and dull. I apply this cream and in a couple of hours, the puffiness is gone and the skin looks healthy.


Wunder Under Eye Cream

Wunder Under Eye Cream

Pros of Wunder Eye Under Eye Cream:

  • Extremely light in texture.
  • Gets absorbed in seconds.
  • Keeps the under eye skin moisturized for the whole day.
  • Does work on dark circles if they are due to stress, late nights, improper diet, etc.
  • Works well on puffy and dull eyes.

Wunder Eye Under Eye Cream:

  • Expensive for 15 gm of product!
  • Does not work on stubborn hereditary dark circles.


Rs. 500 for 15 gm.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Wunder Under Eye Cream?

Yes, for people who have mild dark circles, mainly due to stress.  I wouldn’t recommend this cream for people with heavy dark circles and dark circles due to herditary.

Hope this review was helpful, until tomorrow, take care and stay healthy 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Wunder Eye Under Eye Cream Review

  1. nice review Parita.. I would suggest trying Himalaya under eye cream.. I too have stubborn dark circles, mainly because of heredity long hours in front of compute, and it worked for me till the time I was using it… Do give it a try.. Who knows it might work for you too… 🙂

  2. Dark circles under eye is a trait not a disease, this cream helps in reducing it not curing. This cream along with Radant-i is commonly prescribed by dermatologists 🙂

  3. eye creams sometimes i feel you just have to keep using them to prevent further damage to your under eye area. But this does sound like a decent product. Why dont you try mac fast response under eye cream. It is great for puffiness etc. may not be great for getting rid of dark under eye area essentialy.

  4. Dear Parita
    My dermatologist prescribed me Wunder Eye Under Eye Cream for dark circles i used it for three months but have not noticed any difference………….. very sad because it is very expensive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only good point about this eye cream is it absorbed very soon in skin.
    Those who want to buy it can get at any medical /pharmacy store.

  5. hi with aroma magic under eye cream i notice it works much better if you apply when your skin is damp and wipe it off in 5-10 mins. this way you eliminate the oiliness. and the cream tube actually says to use it like this. i first thought it would work better if i left it on, but i was sooo wrong.

  6. Hi Parita,
    I’ve come across people who recommend Alovera under eye gel. It contains vitamin E and aloevera. I have no personal experience with it though, but I thought that I’d mention it anyway.

  7. Hi Parita, I have started using this cream since about 2 weeks now, I guess I would have to complete using it for a month or two, but I do like its light texture and am hoping for some good results – fingers crossed!

  8. Dark circles that are hereditary cannot be “cured” with creams, gels and lotions. You know that, right? You’re better off buying a cheaper under eye product for dry skin, fine lines, puffiness, etc. But you are not going to get rid of dark circles.

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