Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette

Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette


Today, I shall be reviewing the Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette.  I am more of a citrus perfume person and prefer buying perfumes/deodorants of a strong aroma family, but this was gifted to me by my dear friend, I decided to use it and then review it.  The London Red Roses Eau de Toilette was reviewed here.

Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette

Product Description:

In early June, Lavender fills the fields with rich, aromatic purple abundance; a magnificent scene that captures the true beauty of a glorious English summer day. It has a green hay-like sweetness and gives fruity aspects to perfumes. It blends with almost every other scent and is therefore widely used in the perfume industry. It takes the world’s finest natural lavender oils and over 200 years expertise to create Yardley English Lavender. English Lavender, Yardley London’s international signature fragrance is a beautiful, elegant scent that combines lavender leaves, neroli and clary sage with a heart of lavender oil and geranium, enhanced with deeper notes of sandalwood and tonka bean. The distinct Eau de Toilette combines the aromatic fragrance of lavender with soothing floral and musk notes to create a delicate and sophisticated fragrance.

English Lavender

Yardley London has a whole range of products in the same fragrance like refreshing tissues, body spray, soaps, perfumed talc, body lotion, hand and nail cream, bath foam, body wash, etc.

Ingredient List:

Alcohol Denat, Aqua (water), Parfum (fragrance), Linalool, Limonene, Benzophenone-2, Geraniol, Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Farnesol, C.I. 19140 (Yellow 5), C.I. 42090 (Blue 1).


This was gifted but I think this costs around Rs. 600 in India for 125 ml bottle. (Some online sites are selling this at a 30% discount, i.e. for Rs. 570).

English Lavender

My Experience with Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette:

I think the company should look at revamping the entire packaging.  The design of the glass bottle and the outer box looks too boring as compared to swanky packaging of newer brands of perfumes. The spray, the smell is distinct lavender and 2- 3 whiffs is good enough to get enveloped in the perfume.  The perfume stays on for good 5-6 hours (on me), but I sometimes find it too overpowering to keep applying at regular intervals during the day. I remember when I had once re-applied it post-lunch hours in the office, I could see almost the whole office looking up from their computer screens, probably wondering who has applied such a heavy dose of “room freshener” (yups, sadly there is actually a room freshener by some Indian brand which smells similar ). :doctor:

English Lavender

Post my office experience, I now either spray it only once in the morning and in the evening only if I have to go out. Other than that, I also prefer spraying a bit on my pillows and linen 10-15 minutes before bedtime. This gives me a more relaxing effect (since lavender is said to soothe the senses).

Pros of Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette:

  • Staying power is quite good.
  • Can be used for various purposes (as a perfume as well as a linen mist).
  • Simple, sturdy, spill-proof packaging.
  • Fragrance is extremely flowery (lavenders of course!!)

Cons of Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette:

  • Boring packaging which doesn’t seem interesting at all. The perfume sells only because of the brand.
  • When you have room fresheners smelling similar, you really have to think twice about using such perfumes!!!!
  • Too flowery for my liking, but then that’s a personal choice.

Do I Recommend Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette?

Yes, if you love flowery perfumes and would like to be enveloped by a heavy dose of lavenders, then this is perfect for you!!!

Would I Buy Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette?

Shall I buy this? Naaaaahhhhh, I know I shall be using this one till eternity!!!

IMBB Rating:


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16 thoughts on “Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette

  1. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: this is not for me, i like only mild fragrance otherwise i would get severe headache :((
    Thanks for the review amrita :yes: , i will be careful of this perfume :))
    ” I could see almost the whole office looking up from their computer screens, probably wondering who has applied such a heavy dose of “room freshener”” 😆 😆 😆 :lol2: :lol2: i did this when some ppl apply heavy perfume

        1. dats great.. do tell me when u plan to do purchases from coastal scents etc v can do it together and share d shipping.. okay… :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  2. Nice Review… i am not a fan of overpowering floral fragrances..!! i had plans of trying this perfume.. u saved my money..!! i had similar experience @ office with one perfume called juvan musk but I wore it too much that day.!! 😛 😛

  3. For some reason, I have never liked Yardley fragrances, be it their talcs or those deodorants that they have come up with. 😐 😐 Thanks for the review, Amrita. :yes: I think I will stay away from the room freshener kind of smell. :yuck: I’d rather go for proper lavender smell for relaxing benefits instead of this one.

  4. dnt like too strong a smell :scream: i prefer light ones fr summers :pompom: :pompom:

    whn u mentioned “room freshner” i ws reminded of my experience wid deo of the same tht i hd used :chewnails: coz actually i hd ended up using it as a room freshner :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: i loathed it :spank:
    btw on which site did u see did this one on discount :(( :(( :(( i wnt the red rose variant of this.. :haanji:

    thnks dear :)) :))

  5. Thanks for the review Amrita.. I am more attracted to the packaging of a perfume rather than the smell. Presently m obssessing about the still to be launched Marc Jacobs Dot :drool: :drool:

  6. i have the same perfume… and believe me i have not used it even once. the smell is too strong for my liking. :nababana:
    although i love the talc and deos of yardley… :yes:

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