Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing a perfume from Yardley London, i.e. ‘Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum’, which has been there in my closet for a long time now. I always wanted to review this but somehow it got delayed. But finally, I am here with the review.

Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum Review

Price: AED 68.90
Product Description:
Yardley Poise stands for the unique among the refined women. A rich oriental floral fragrance with sparkling and spicy notes that make her alluring. It is sure to elicit many compliments as it has a classy personality.

Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum Ingredients

My Experience with Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum:

Although I love fragrances, I am not much of a perfume person. I prefer a body mist and just a couple of perfumes, which I wear occasionally. This was gifted by my brother who was on a holiday to India from Dubai a few months ago. Also, when it comes to choosing a fragrance for myself, I prefer sweet mild perfumes that last a long time. Poise isn’t something according to my preferences as it’s a perfume with rich floral fragrance with spicy notes. But I can say that it’s a decent perfume, which stands true to the Yardley London standards.

Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum Packaging

This perfume is a combination both floral and spicy notes. Hence the fragrance is neither strong nor mild and is somewhere in between two, which is just perfect. I find the name ‘Poise’ apt for the perfume as it balances both the fragrances well. The fragrance is not overpowering at all thus I could easily sniff it multiple times when sprayed on my hand for the first time. The fragrance is not a long-lasting one and stays only for a few hours. I usually spray perfumes on my clothes so that my clothes smell good too. The perfumes which are my personal favourite are long-lasting and the fragrance doesn’t budge from the clothes for days. Whereas, the clothes which had Poise perfume couldn’t retain the fragrance for a long time. I personally feel the description for the product on any e-commerce website is too heavy for me to digest as this fragrance doesn’t really smell like it’s meant for women who prefer luxurious lifestyles. The fragrance is good enough but it isn’t something that I absolute love or would prefer.

Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum

However, the classy purple packaging with the combination of gold is definitely a winner. The perfume comes in a sleek purple bottle with the logo embossed in gold. This kind of gives a very luxurious, royal appeal to the packaging. The bottle has a twisted look and looks a little fancy. I find the quality of the outer cardboard of the perfume to be better than those Yardley perfumes which I’ve used a few years back. They definitely have improved their cardboard packaging for the products this time. The cap fits in tightly and it doesn’t spill the perfume. I find the packaging of the product to be perfect and it does look beautiful and classy.

Overall, I think someone who loves floral fragrances may like this perfume. I pretty much like the spicy notes in the perfume. I am glad the spicy notes overpower the floral fragrance. So it’s more of a spicy fragrance and less of a floral fragrance. I do not like floral fragrances as I feel they smell more like room freshener or the fragrance in a floor cleaner. But this one smells good and the credit goes to the spicy notes in the perfume. However, this product isn’t available in India yet. I see most of the online stores have stocked up Poise deodorants and not the perfume.

Moving on to its pros and cons:

Pros of Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum:

⦁ Classy packaging
⦁ Lovable spicy notes
⦁ Fragrance is not overpowering
⦁ Doesn’t spill

Cons of Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum:

⦁ Availability
⦁ Not long-lasting
⦁ Fragrance isn’t that very appealing
⦁ I don’t prefer its floral notes

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Yardley London Poise Eau de Parfum?
I won’t repurchase the perfume as this is not my choice of fragrance. You can give it a try if you are a person who prefers floral fragrances.

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