New Year’s Sparkly Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

New Year’s Sparkly Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

New Year's Sparkly Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

Another year is just around the corner and with that comes the New Year’s parties! This is a tutorial for a look which I feel would look wonderful in any party. It looks like there is a lot of work put behind it, but really it is very simple. You just would need the colors in order and a brush which is thin yet allows you to pack on some color. If you go in order – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple/Pink – you would see that these blend with each other effortlessly. You just need to place them a little overlapping the preceding shade. So, let’s get down to the colorful look:

02 New Year's Sparkly Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

Products used in this tutorial:

  • Celia 120 Colorful (colors used in this look have been marked in the image).
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion – Eden.
  • ELF Liquid Eyeliner – Stardust.
  • ELF Professional Concealer Brush.
  • Florelle Kohl Pencil.
  • Lakme Insta Liner.
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner – Black Ink.
  • A Tissue/Something to help wipe the color off the brush between each color

03 New Year's Sparkly Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

• Apply a white base or a primer that would help the colors appear more vibrant.

• Blend the primer/base well, concentrating more product on the area where you wish to place the liner.

• Next is the placing of the colors in the order – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple/Pink. Starting with red on the inner corner and ending with a combination of purple/pink. Just place any new color, right beside where you end the previous, pack it on well, then blend the edges well. You can even just first place all colors, then worry about blending. Picking up the color several times helps in creating a very deep color.  Most time was spent making sure there was enough color intensity. Blending, as I mentioned earlier, is pretty effortless – red blends into orange, orange into yellow and so on very easily. I chose to use blue to be the end color on the lower and upper lines, joined them ; and used purple mixed with pink (as purple alone was showing up brightly) to create the wing.

• Use a liner, kajal and mascara, (loads of mascara to mask the colorful fall out on the lashes!) as desired. I used the wing created by purple to act as a guideline while drawing the liner.

04 New Year's Sparkly Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

Next, I used glitter eyeliner, this particular one from ELF has multi-colored glitter suspended in a clear solution and went wonderfully with the look. I applied many layers of glitter all over the liquid liner placed on the upper lash line, below the lower lash line and also coated the lower lashes. None of the images were able to capture the true effect of the glitter, please do suggest if there are any particular settings which help capture glitter in still.

I also used a nude color above the rainbow colors and a darker nude brown in the crease to better define the eyes. This is optional but the white/light primer I applied needed to be masked with a neutral color.

Camera 360

I next cleaned up the area around my eyes with some foundation and concealer, and that’s the look!

06 New Year's Sparkly Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

I hope you all liked it. This can be done even with a single color family, to create an ombre effect, go from white, light blue, darker blue, even darker blue, darkest blue, black or try with green, pink, browns, the options are endless.

Here’s wishing you all in advance a very happy new year which is like this look sparkling, colorful, joyful and vibrant! ♥

Take care ladies and happy Makeuping!

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  1. OMG.. stunning nafisa.. I missed all these valuable ideas, i wud have joined imbb even before my wedding.. 🙂 Its amazing yaar!! Just amazing..
    Happy new year and enjoy new year with ur family and loved ones.. 🙂

  2. This is SO pretty, Nafisa! 😀 I’m tempted to try this but it’ll take me several attempts to make it as perfect as yours. 😛

    1. Thanks JW! 🙂
      u know this is my 4th time i wore this look, before i wore it just on the upper lash line..with various attempts i kinda got the hang of it now & went for both lower n upper 🙂 it is easy enough, u will surely get it 🙂

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