Ying Yu Jade Double Roller Review

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A while ago, I read an interesting post on IMBB about Asian Spoon Facial Massage. I found it fascinating which led me to Google more about it which eventually led me to this ‘Jade Massage Roller’. After checking out few videos online, I decided to buy this product; mostly because it is not very expensive and is easily available.

Ying Yu Jade Double Roller Review

Product Description:
Jade rollers are used to improve circulation and smooth out the body qi energy. Using jade rollers regularly helps to break fascia to relieve pain. Jade rollers not only improve health by using the roller, but also with the qi energy of he jade itself.

They are also used to create a more beautiful appearance.

Ying Yu Jade rollers are pure and natural jade. They are hand carved and assembled and each will be slightly different.

$5 (Price varies from site to site)

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My Experience with Ying Yu Jade Double Roller:

If anyone has been to a reflexology center or to those high end spas, they might have witnessed their masseuse use different types of massagers on their face and other body parts. They are usually made up of Jade. However, for different body parts, the shape of the roller varies.

Ying Yu Jade Double Roller Review3

What A Jade Massager Can Do:
• Reduce facial puffiness
• Remove toxins from body
• It promotes lymphatic drainage
• Balance one’s qi (pronounced as Chi)
• It releases infrared rays which warms and increases blood circulation

Ying Yu Jade Double Roller Review1

Points to Remember:
It’s imperative that one uses it in the right manner or it might have adverse effect. To enjoy its benefits do the following steps:
• Start with a squeaky clean face.
• It can be used right away, but a moisturizer or facial oil helps in better penetration.
• Use the larger roller in upward direction or from nose to ears. Both these motions help in flushing out toxins. Continue this motion for few minutes and soon face will appear red and flushed.
• Use the same roller on neck (both front and back). One can use rolling motion or upward motion
• The smaller end is used to de-puff the eyes. Gently sweep it under eyes and on lids to reduce puffiness and fine lines.

Ying Yu Jade Double Roller Review2

Jade is always a little cold to touch even when kept at room temperature. However, for better soothing results, it’s advisable to refrigerate it prior usage. I started with right side of my face and immediately loved the cooling sensation. In few minutes, my face turned red like I just had a run.

Ying Yu Jade Double Roller Review4

The jade turned warm after sometime so I refrigerated it again for few minutes before using it on my left side.I then used the smaller roller under my eyes and it relieved all the stress and relaxed my eyes.

Ying Yu Jade Double Roller Review5

It claims to be good for lymphatic drainage (removal of toxins) and I hope it did that for my face, but it did leave my face with subtle shine like one we get after facials. I didn’t notice any difference in my qi (energy balance). I guess since I am rookie, I won’t notice such in depth changes. It can be used every day, however not for more than ten minutes in one sitting.

Pros of Ying Yu Jade Double Roller:

• Very small and handy.
• When in rush, it can be used to do quick facial.
• Removes toxins.
• Relaxes face and eyes.
• Easily available on all leading websites at reasonable prices.
• Gives a subtle shine to face.
• Reduces puffiness.
• Restores original shape of a bloated face.

Cons of Ying Yu Jade Double Roller:

• Can’t think of any.

Would I Repurchase Ying Yu Jade Double Roller?
No, unless I break it or lose it. It’s a good option for those who love facials, but can’t afford those painful trips to salons for ridiculously expensive facial massages.

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