Yoga To Boost Your Hair Growth

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How is summer treating you these days? It is damn hot in Mumbai .Well, Today I have got some yoga tips for you all. If you are tired of trying chemically loaded shampoos, home-made packs, natural hair masks and still you didn’t get any results, then you don’t need to worry, yoga is here to help you.

Yoga To Boost Your Hair Growth

Here are 5 practises of yoga which will not only improve the health of your hair but also makes your body healthy and keeps you fresh. Practising yoga is effective on your hair if you are suffering from hair greying, hair falls, spilt ends and many other hair problems. The rate at which hair falls and the rate at which new hair grows always have a natural balance between them. Excess falling of hair is very common. It happens for various reasons such as emotional and physical stress of city life, local scalp infection, adverse drug reaction, hormonal imbalances during teenage and pregnancy, etc.

1. Rubbing Your Nails

Yoga To Boost Your Hair Growth Nail

This is the easiest form of yoga that anyone can perform without any extra effort, energy or wasting time. Curl your fingers of both the hands towards your palms , bring your both the hands closer and start rubbing nails against each other for 5 to 10 minutes at a stretch. Repeat this whenever you get time. Please note: Do not rub your thumbs against each other, as rubbing them against each other may result in moustache growth

2. Vajrasana

Yoga To Boost Your Hair Growth Asana

The Sanskrit word ‘vajra’ means thunderbolt or diamond and ‘asana’ means seat or posture. Kneel down on floor, toes and ankles should be parallel to each other touching the ground. Place your palms on your knees and spine straight. Close your eyes and relax. Along with the body it keeps the mind also stabilized and relaxed.

3. Sasangasana 

Yoga To Boost Your Hair Growth Asana

The Sanskrit word sasanga means rabbit and asana means position. Keep your knees on floor, hip on heels. Now put your hands at the back and hold your heels. Put your head down on floor and slowly inhale, hold this position until 5 inhales. Relax and repeat again. Rabbit pose is an intense forward bending pose, which is opposite to camel pose.

4. Uttanasana

Yoga To Boost Your Hair Growth Asana

‘Ut’ means intense, ‘tan’ stretch and asana means position. It means intense forward bending or stretching position. Stand straight with legs close to one another touching your knees, heels, feet and toes. Inhale deeply, now put your hands straight and bend forward and try touching the floor. Hold this position with normal breathing.

5. Sarvangasana

Yoga To Boost Your Hair Growth Asana

Sarvangasana means to support all limb pose. Lie down on back stretching both legs. Lift up both your legs straight at 90 degree angle from the ground. Push your upper back with your palms and shoulders to legs, which will be in a straight line. Chin should touch the chest. Your eyes should be at your toes. Breathing will be normal. Hold this position and count 5. After that, lower down your legs and keep the body straight. Repeat the asana again. Then take rest in sarvansana.

6. Neck Exercise 1st Kind:

Yoga To Boost Your Hair Growth Neck

Stand/sit straight. Turn your head toward right side without moving your shoulder. Then move your head back in normal posture. Then turn your head towards your left and then come back to normal position. Do this for 10 times.

7. Neck Exercise 2nd Kind:

Yoga To Boost Your Hair Growth Neck

Stand/sit straight. Turn your head toward up and bend backward, then come back in normal posture. Do this for 10 times.

This is all for today, Start practicing yoga for 7 days regularly. Fix a regular pattern to practise yoga, so that exercise becomes a habit. Yoga will really help you to recover from the underlying factors of different hair problems.

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