10 Young Chic Hairstyles to Sport at Weddings and Parties

Today, I am going to share 10 chic hairstyles to sport at weddings and parties for high school and college going girls. Now, when we think of weddings we also think of perfect clothes, jewellery, makeup and hairstyles. Unfortunately, when it comes to heavy ethnic wear and makeup many teenage girls tend to look much older and mature than what they actually are. However, today after reading this post you will discover some amazing hairstyles that will change you into a glam doll within a blink of eye without adding years to your real age. So let’s begin.

1. Messy straight hair with a braided tiara in front:

I think this is the front braided version of the first hairstyle shown in this post. You can also add a puff behind the braided hair band to elongate the face. Girls with a wide forehead can however, completely skip this hairstyle
10 Hairstyles to Sport at Weddings and Parties 1

2. The intricate braided-veil:

The most appealing thing about this hairstyle for long hair is that it looks intricate yet is relatively simple to do. This will look exceptionally well with floor length anarkalis in soft pastel shades.

10 Hairstyles to Sport at Weddings and Parties (2)

3. The simple ponytail with a bow and braided twist at top:

When we think of ethnic wear we don’t usually think of ponytails. Still, I have added this in the list because it will be really helpful if you are attending a wedding in summer season. You can also have this style in the form of a side ponytail. Wear a flowing ethnic style floor length gown with this hairstyle to create oomph and fetch many compliments.

10 Hairstyles to Sport at Weddings and Parties (3)

4. The zigzag fishtail:

This is one of the most difficult fishtail designs that I have ever seen till date. This calls for great patience and skill. However, if done correctly this hairstyle can change your whole appearance and make heads turn. Girls with round faces can totally miss this one or add chin-length side swept bangs in front to balance the face.
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5. The princess braided tiara with long messy straight hair:

Now, this is one of the hairstyles that my daughter has also worn to a wedding recently. This hairstyle will mainly look good on medium to long length hair.
.10 Hairstyles to Sport at Weddings and Parties 5

6. The messy bun:

I always feel that young girls should avoid opting for buns and updos. However, I will make an exception by adding this romantic messy bun to this list. Girls with round faces can again add some bangs and fringes in the front.

messy bun

7. Flowing princess hairs with a poof:

Simple this hairstyle might look but, nothing can beat healthy, long and luscious locks of straight flowing hairs. If you have crazily long hair and would like to show them off, opt for this hairstyle. Add a fancy hair accessory at back to spice up the look. This hairstyle will come very handy when your clothes and makeup is relatively heavy.
10 Hairstyles to Sport at Weddings and Parties (7)

8. Flirty loose curls:

Another great hairstyle for crazily long hairs, you can also have a puff done to make hairs more manageable and keep them from coming on your face.

10 Hairstyles to Sport at Weddings and Parties (8)

9. Side fishtail braid with a puff and bangs:

Just one word- perfect, yes this hairstyle is perfect for any kind of ethnic outfit. Opt this hairstyle when you want to show off those vibrant latkans and deep back designs.

10 Hairstyles to Sport at Weddings and Parties (9)

10. Curly hair with a braided twist

Saving best for the last, this one is my personal favorite. Get this gorgeous hairstyle with angel curls to enchant people and win hearts of many.

10 Hairstyles to Sport at Weddings and Parties (10)


• Avoid getting heavy updos and joodas.
• Go light on makeup.
• Go with hairstyles that you can manage and feel comfortable in.

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