Young YouTube Beauty Guru NikkieTutorials: Nikkie de Jager

NikkieTutorials: Nikkie de Jager

Beauty Guru Nikkie Tutorials
I never thought I would ever follow the advice of a teenager when it comes to makeup. YouTube’s NikkieTutorials proved me absolutely wrong! Nikkie de Jager, at the youthful age of just 18, is a Dutch beauty Guru on YouTube. I have been following her channel for over 2 years now. & she has taught me A LOT! When it comes to bold eyemakeup & color combinations, I don’t think anyone does it better than her. It’s not just her skill & finesse that has made me a loyal subscriber to her channel but it’s her contagious enthusiasm, LOL-kind humor that truly won me over. She is the #1 most subscribed & most watched channel in the Netherlands with 235,000+ subscribers & 35,000,000+ video views. At a very young age she discovered YouTube beauty videos & started making her own soon after. Her passion for makeup made her join the prestigious Makeup Course by Pascale Tesser at B Academy. Today along with her regular beauty videos & blog posts, she is also a teacher at the same academy where she was once a student. Now that does speak volumes about her talent! She has nearly 250 videos as of date; here I want to share some of my favourite videos by her.

Beauty Guru Nikkie Tutorials
Her videos that I love the most are as she puts them very “Avant-Garde” – they are bold & colorful, and not for everyone. But the techniques & tips she shares while doing these can help anyone, no matter what their preferred style of makeup is.

Taylor Swift AMA 2012 Inspired Makeup Tutorial
My absolutely favourite video of her’s to date has to be this very recent look. The colors used, the final look, the soft yet glamorous tone of this look is just superb!

Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Makeup Tutorial
I may not wear this exact makeup combination all at 1 go but I just admire how perfectly she replicated Katy Perry’s look. I do love the eyemakeup here.

Quick Tip: How to make your own Colored Mascara!
This is a very neat trick for anyone who wants to try colored mascara. Colored mascara can just dramatically change the whole look. If you don’t fancy a lot of work on the eyelids, then do give this technique a try, it’s simple but has a fabulous pay-off.

Neon Rainbow/Ombre Nails for Summer – Nail Tutorial
Not just makeup videos, she also does Nail Tutorials from time to time. One of the easiest thing to have multiple colors on the nails is to try a gradient/ombre look. IT does not require much expertise & with a few trials & errors can be pulled off by anyone. Nikkie’s tutorial on this is what I follow to recreate this effect. A must watch!

Wearable Ombre Lips for Summer! – Tutorial
Ombre Lips may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure does look beautiful. This one here is a wearable look, I have tried it myself, & it is such a simple way to glam up the whole look! Pair this with simple, nude eyes & you’ll look glamorously dazzling!

Simple Summer Eyes Makeup Tutorial
Avant-Garde is not her only area of expertise, she has some very superb simple eye makeup looks on her channel, one of the best has to be this one.

In-Depth Updated Eyebrow Routine (November 2012)
This is a fantastic eyebrow routine tutorial. It is extremely detailed! I love this style of brows but I don’t have the products nor the patience to follow all the steps shown here but I do draw a lot of inspiration from some of her techniques she’s shared. She has multiple eyebrow videos & this 1 is the latest.

Valentinesday – Seductive and Smokey – Collab with KlairedelysArt
If intense & dark eye looks are your thing then you will love this particular high-glam smokey-goth look! For me personally, this is the reason I follow her, her to-die-for extravagant looks!

A crash course to shine
She is a beauty with a message. I won’t say any more, just watch this video.

Lana Del Rey Inspired Makeup Tutorial
Last but not the least, I love Lana Del Rey, her look, her music, her charm, everything! There are loads of her inspired makeup videos on YouTube but this one by Nikkie has to be the best till date for me!

I could go on & on sharing Nikkie’s videos but I think these few here will give you a fair idea on the various areas she covers in her beauty channel. To stand out in the sea of beauty gurus online is by no means an easy feat but this young artist is surely one of the best out there. She is miles apart in terms of talent from others even twice her age! Do check out her channel. Her entertaining & hilarious personality makes watching her videos all the more fun.

I hope you liked reading about this & take care girls.
Happy Makeuping! ☺

(All images are from her Facebook page)


30 thoughts on “Young YouTube Beauty Guru NikkieTutorials: Nikkie de Jager

    1. sure you can, if you keep watching, I learned a lot from such videos, especially about color placement & blending etc 🙂

  1. Whoa! There was a time I used to follow youtube religiously, I knew only a few makeup artists back then like kandee johnson (she has this very down to earth and sweet way of explaining stuff) 🙂
    These looks are drool-worthy. I ll definitely look her up next time I am on youtube.
    Thanks for the post Nafisa! 🙂

  2. Aiyyo.. 🙂 its beyond my imagination!! hw come such pretty looks so easily buildable!! thanx a lot dear.. dnt knw why on earth i came wen i dont knw abt these you tube tutorials.. 😛

  3. Naf ur posts r something i always look forward to its either a completely product or ur eye makeup tuitorials and now these vdos…there always something new and exciting thing in them…great going gal…

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