YouTube Nail Artists – 3TajaJ3, CutePolish, SimpleLittlePleasure

YouTube Nail Artists – 3TajaJ3, CutePolish, SimpleLittlePleasure

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

One of my absolute passions is nail art; I not only love to do it on myself, but LOVE learning about new techniques from YouTube Nail Art Gurus.

Here I want to talk about some of my favourite nail artists:

:manicure: CutePolish.

As her username suggests, CutePolish perhaps does the cutest nail art I have EVER seen. Her videos are so short and easy to learn from. In fact, her designs are so simple that it’s almost shocking. I must admit, I often think to myself “Man, I must be really dumb :dumb: to not think of these ideas myself!” I love this girl! I have replicated many of her designs on myself, you wouldn’t need to be a pro at doing art to get it right. Just some patience and practice, and you can definitely do it on yourselves. Here are some of my favourite designs from her:

YouTube Nail Artists 3TajaJ3 CutePolish SimpleLittlePleasure

Nail art

rati beauty ad

I could bite those kiwi fingers off! My goodness, don’t they look delicious! The best thing I learned from her that I use a lot is copying designs from newspaper! Check out this tutorial of her’s to get the Archie Comics design on your nails.

It is much, much easier than you imagine it to be. You guys HAVE to try it!

Archie Comic nail art

Do watch and subscribe to her videos if what you want is “CUTE” and easy nail designs.

:manicure: SimpleLittlePleasures:

Colette, from Minneapolis, USA, is the “Queen of Water Marbling.” She introduced me to the art of water marbling. Many subscribers and websites have given her this aptly suited title of Queen. Water marbling does take a lot of practice and you need to know various tips and tricks, so watching Colette will help you greatly! She has done many videos, using pretty much every color and color combinations you can imagine. Check out some of her pictures, to get an idea:

water marbling

water marbling

water marbling

water marbling

In case you are not into “Water Marbling,” she does upload tutorials of other designs, such as the ones the image below shows:

water marbling

If you are even remotely interested in Water Marbling, I highly recommend that you follow “Queen” Colette.

:manicure: 3TanjaJ3

Tanja, a 20 year from Denmark is another nail artist that I love. Her designs are a little more complicated than usual and honestly, you would need some real artistic talent to replicate her work.  I personally find it hard to do it on just paper, but still I can’t stop watching and trying to learn from her. This image of some of her designs will prove my point. Who wouldn’t want to see a video on how to create Pepsi, Fanta, 7up, Oreos, Skittles, Cheetos logos on your nails!??!!??!?? She also has videos on typical flowery, girly designs too.

If nail art is not your cup of tea then she also does tutorials on how to create charms & such pieces from polymer clay:

Anyone here loves the Disney princesses?? I know I do and I also know that I will NEVER outgrow loving it! So, when I see videos of what this next image shows, I just feel like I went back to my perfect childhood when my dad used to spoil me like a little princess! Videos that take me back to my childhood are dearly cherished by me.

Tanja also has a Polymer Clay channel to which I’m subscribed here.  It’s fun to watch these videos too!

It’s fascinating to watch her create this. These are tiny, miniature little things she creates from clay.  Whether you are interested in making them yourself like bracelet charms or doll houses or show pieces or you just love watching soft, smooth clay being cut up, rolled and shaped like me :D, these videos will just change your mood to the better! Just watch how she makes these cucumbers and tomatoes in this video and be awestruck.

Hope you guys liked knowing about these talented artists, if you didn’t know them already that is, & watch this space for another article in which I talk about my 2 most favourite nail artists.

Happy Makeuping! :preen:

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  3. Nafisa, I have tried marble nail art, but the two times I have tried, it failed miserably…….I will go through these tutorials again :yahoo:

    1. Jomol, I failed many times before finally getting the hang of it but even now, like after a few months, 1 or 2 nails go horribly wrong & I have to retry them but still I love trying them on sooooo much! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  4. another hit from nafisa. :yes: :yes: :yes:
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  5. Another great article! I’ve subbed to CutePolish for some time now. Her designs are really cute. Will surely chk out the others too…Another great nail artist is Robin Moses (robinmosesnailart)…she paints on nails & they are amazing :stars: :stars: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: Chk her out if you hvn’t…difficult to do, but awesome nonetheless…

  6. Baap re :O :O I have no patience for nail art plus I can’t keep being careful with my hands 😛 but I sometimes admire cute nail art. Although I LOATHE nail extensions, they make most people’s nails look like a hawk’s talons.

  7. water marble nail art looks very simple but it isn’t that easy guys :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: free hand nail art is much better than that :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

  8. i just love nail art :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: and will always be experimenting on my nails :haanji: :haanji: :haanji: :mirror:

  9. i love nail arts too! :love: :love: i do follow cute polish and simple little pleasures :specs: :specs: but the last one i donno :(( ….. and can one help me with these water marbeling thing as in water and what color one should use… :announce: i always mess up :scream: :scream: :scream: :daayan:

  10. I am totally not a nail art person nafisa bt I guess I’d surely check out the videos just for fun and sheer respect for creativity . Loovved the ones by cutepolish. :))

    1. Yeah , I have read often times you mentioning that you are not into nail art … but I’m glad you respect it anyways! :teddy: I’m nuts about nail art! 😀

  11. Another awesome article, Nafisa! 🙂
    Thank u so much for sharing! :thanks:
    I loved the nail arts from CutePolish the most, especially the owl n angry birds one.

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