YouTube Nail Artists – Tartofraises1 and RobinMosesNailArt

YouTube Nail Artists – Tartofraises1 and RobinMosesNailArt

YouTube Nail Artists Tartofraises1 and RobinMosesNailArt

Hope you guys have checked out part 1 of this series. It took me 4 whole days to write these two articles and that is why I broke them up into two.  The article was getting too long plus there were just too many videos, blogs, and albums to go through to bring the best images to these articles. I wanted to make sure I presented these truly deserving artists in the best way possible! If I had to pick my favourites from my favourite’s lists, I would say they are “Ophelia and Robin Moses!”


Ophelia, a 21 years old or should I say young lady; from Lyon, France; is a nail artist. Art really doesn’t need a language; this has been proven to me by Ophelia’s work. She uploads all her videos in French and I don’t speak a word of it! But still I have subscribed to her since a very long time and have learnt some of the most basic skills from her. Well, art doesn’t need a language because YouTube allows subtitles in English. 😀 Click the “CC” button below her videos and you will know exactly what she is saying.

Her designs are “flawless!”  They look very complicated but honestly if you really start trying them out, they are not so difficult. Practice some of the basic techniques and you soon get a hang of replicating pretty much most of her work.


I think she has the best set of nails on the blogosphere and her videos on nail manicure and care and grooming are a must watch!!  She very recently started an English channel too, where she will be uploading the same videos with English voice overs. Each video is uploaded simultaneously in different languages on both her channels. This is much easier for the non-French speaking as we don’t have to pay any attention to the English subtitles. Not that it is impossible to understand her videos without English, but she keeps giving pointers which are tremendously helpful. So, I’m really happy that she launched this channel, but her previous beautiful designs can only be found on the French channel.


The blue design on the bottom right corner in the image above; is the first design of Ophelia’s that I tried and was surprised to see how “do-able” it actually is! She explains well. Trust me guys, you have to check some of her work out! There is so much beauty in her designs that I find it very quaint, beauty and art make me feel very peaceful, like being at the beach and admiring nature’s relaxing beauty!


Robin, is not only one of my most favourite nail artists but one of my favourite human beings that I see on the Internet. There is no limit to her talents and its surprising to see how grounded she still is! She does all kinds of nail art, usual girly, flowery designs like in the image below:


Or random very easy to D-I-Y designs like these:



But why Robin really stands out for me is because of her to-die-for, crazily detailed, insanely EPIC designs such as:


Isn’t that absolutely mind-blowing?!?!? That is a under the sea look on one hand and then the fishing boat above the water on the other hand! As you can see, those are not very long nails! Look at the detailing on those nails! I don’t know what to say to aptly describe her talents!

Robin is also the first person to introduce me to the fact that even acrylic paints can also be used for nail art. This tip is a money saver! She does pretty much all her designs with acrylic paint, the base is a nail polish. For a student like me, this is great, because I love nail art, but I am not going to spend a ton of money collecting every shade of nail polish, I rather have the few basic ones. Another plus point with acrylic paints is that you can mix them with each other very easily to get newer shades, mixing nail paint is tricky, as they tend to dry up so quickly! So, I just love the fact that I can now have every color in my collection without breaking the bank! Other nail artists follow this frequently too, but I learnt it first from Robin.

In this image below, she actually drew with paint and a brush those PEOPLE on the PINKY FINGERS! You can not only see the trees but also see the leaves’ silhouette on those nails!


My uterus skipped a beat when I saw these baby shower design nails as in the image:


That is some serious talent! Check out the Malificient, from Sleeping Beauty, design she did on the nails below; and the Smurfs design too! I love the Smurfs but I love Robin painting them down much more!


If I had to say what is my one favourite thing about Robin, I’d say her humour. Her videos are a “LOL” fest! She does these designs on her friends or relatives or other’s hands and her interaction with them are just so fun to hear. I remember once I choked on juice while watching one of her tutorials. She is funny and so adorable! She has an amazing personality! Her designs like these cupcakes and the strawberries ones, in the image below, are what I feel truly captures the fun spirit of Robin.


If you read this Robin, I just want you to know that there is a girl in India by the name Nafisa who hands down adores your videos! :inlove: I absolutely admire you as a person and as an artist. You are awe inspiring! “Monday, Wednesday and Friday” are my favourite days of the week because you upload videos on these days! 😀

I hope you guys do check these artists out and enjoy learning from or just watching them as much as I do!

Happy Makeuping!

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27 thoughts on “YouTube Nail Artists – Tartofraises1 and RobinMosesNailArt

  1. Lovely article, Nafisa!! You truly did justice to her work here.
    Yay! Robin Moses!!! Truly love her, “Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays” ;)…She is EPIC as a nail artist & a beautiful human being. I had commented on one of her videos when I had just started watching them & being a sweetheart that she is, she replied back to my comment. Here’s her reply:
    “thank you so much! my love and respect to you. tell everyone in india about my art, i would love to visit your country someday! xoxo robin moses”

    How awesome is she??? She had just made my day 😀

    Will definitely chk out Ophelia’s channel too! Thanks for posting these articles & highlighting such artists!!

    1. Awwwww! thats a lovely reply! I love how she always responds & has the nicest things to say!
      N u’re most welcome 🙂

  2. Nafisa,

    not only did i read it, it touched my heart so deeply that i am going to share this with my fanpage. i want to personally thank you for such a wonderful article that creates the sunshine and allows me to continue. when i know there are people like you who appreciate and love my art, it makes my work that much more of a pleasure to share and teach. i am glad you get all that you do out of my tutorials and i just cannot thank you enough for the feeling of pure joy you gave to a girl who paints nails in oregon.


    p.s. i also love tartofraises! she is kind, she depends on nothing to set her apart as an artist and a kind and wonderful girl. 🙂 i am happy to be in her company here 😀

    1. OMG!!!!!!!!! Robin!!!!!! You have no idea how much this means to me!!!!!!!!!! ♥ For someone who writes a lot I’m so short of words now! This is why we love you Robin, you are just so real & lovely & talented yet down to earth. You are awe inspiring! This just made my day, my week, my month, my year…oh hell this made my life! I simply love you! Trust me when I say the pleasure is all mine! & Thank YOU for your appreciation, I just absolutely love you even more now! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! *happy dance* 😀 ♥

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