YSL Dessin Du Regard Oriental Blue 3, Deepest Green 5 Waterproof Eye Pencil Review

ysl dessin du regard eye pencil review

Claims : An exceptional eye pencil that creates a sophisticated, long-lasting look in the blink of an eye. Formulated with concentrated pigments, this liner delivers lasting stay-true color that always looks fresh. Infused with Jojoba oil, the velvety texture glides on effortlessly for exceptional comfort and precise application, while a special fixing agent reinforces color intensity hour after hour. The built-in blending tip allows you to achieve multiple effects—from precise lines to smoky shadow to a dramatic kohl look.

Price : USD 30

My Experience with YSL Waterproof Eyeliner in Oriental Blue and Deepest Green
I don’t have many coloured eyeliners in my kit. Mostly because I am such a huge kajal girl that I just like that charcoal brown around my eyes on most days. But with makeup it’s always fun to experiment. So I picked up these two beautiful colours from YSL waterproof eyeliner range. Oriental Blue 3 is a beautiful peacock blue color. Deepest Green 5 is a pretty jewel toned green.

The packaging is soo beautiful. These come packed in gorgeous gold cardboard boxes. The pencils are glossy black with gold lettering and golden caps on both ends. There is a colour band of the pencil embossed on the outside for better storage. The one end of the pencil has the eyeliner and the other end has a rubber smudger. Each pencil comes with its sharpener. I’d say a total stunner. Gives a true luxurious feel.

YSL Dessin Du regard pencils are extremely pigmented and very long lasting. I have worn these for as long as 8-9 hours and they have stayed put with a bit of smudging and fading but nothing major. These are not the creamiest pencils I’d say but they are not hard either. They glide on easily on the eyes and deliver a rich color on application. If you want a smudged look with these pencils you’d have to work quickly with them. I’d like to mention that the color pretty much stays true even after long hours of wear. These pencils don’t smudge too much or migrate underneath the eyes.

I use these eyeliners mostly on my waterline and on my lower lash line. I don’t have the most watery eyes so on my waterline these pretty much stay for good 5+ hours with a little trace of color here and there. But on my lower lash line they stay put for good 8+ hours. I haven’t worn these more than that. I have always used a gentle eye makeup remover to remove these and they have come off easily.

These have very fine micro sparkle to them but these are not very noticeable.

These pencils have never caused any irritation or discomfort to my eyes.

The only drawback I feel is that it is a sharpenable pencil. But for me I always prefer these kinds of pencils to retractable ones. But this could be a con for some because you’d finish this up pretty soon. Plus I notice that the pencil gets pretty short every time I sharpen it. 😐

Overall, I love how the colors are not so stark and in-the-face kinds. They are pigmented but they also have this subdued quality to them. I wear them both during day and evening and they always get me compliments. 😀

That said these are not a must have from the brand because you’d be able to find both the colors in any other brand at lesser price as well. Some recommendations are

I personally absolutely enjoy wearing these pencils and would buy in more colours as well.

Rating : 4/5

ysl dessin du regard eye pencil green1

ysl dessin du regard eye pencil

ysl dessin du regard eye pencil review

ysl dessin du regard eye pencil blue

Swatches :ysl dessin du regard eye pencil swatch

FOTD : Full makeup breakdown of this look HERE
ysl pencil

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  1. Hi Rati, the packaging is so luxurious and classy. I love this pic of yours; your hair and make up are amazing. Rati if possible can u tell me what do you eat on normal day to day basis. If you can tell us about one day it would be of great help to manage my healthy diet routine. And how often do you eat out.

  2. These are so pretty shade wise and packaging wise. Doesn’t it break your heart when you have to sharpen these? 😛 Thanks for the recommendations also. 🙂

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