YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats: #207 Rose Perfecto Review

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats: #207 Rose Perfecto

7 Days, 7 Lipsticks
Hi Beauties,
In this last week of the year, I am going to review seven lipsticks for you. This year was a memorable one for me; what with starting to write for IMBB; getting your support; making so many new and lovely friends; getting an insight into so many beauty brands; and along the way, gaining so much self confidence. These lipsticks belong to three brands; one drug store; one medium end; and one high end luxury brand. All these shades will be very suitable on all skin tones; either during day time or evening wear; in this cozy and joyous part of the year. One thing common between these will be the boldness of the shades; be it on lighter side or darker side; no one can dispute their boldness at all.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats 207 Rose Perfecto

Wish you all A Merry Christmas!!! May this day be a very sacred day in our lives, and may we all celebrate, pray and enjoy this day together, with all our family, friends, and countrymen. The year is nearly up; and there are so many memories to look back on. I will be reviewing a few lip colors for you, in the next few days, starting with this bold, yet light shade, which will be very suitable for day wear and day time celebrations. I have specifically selected this shade for today; which is hot yet muted; a bold shade yet not a very bold shade; in fact according to me, a perfect Christmassy shade. This is a new launch by YSL, and belongs to the matte group. I had got three shades from this collection last month; and will be reviewing this today; and shade 204 on the last day of 2014.

About the Product:
The must have for the perfect matte lip look. Rich, creamy formula is infused with a velvet complex for a luxuriously smooth application, and jojoba oil for long lasting comfort. Intense color pigments for a vibrant touch of color that lasts. Formulated with Velvet Complex, a combination of spherical powders and silk oil. Rouge Pur Couture The Mats gives your lips the perfect matte finish, a sensual sheen and a 6-hour color hold that never fades or smudges.
Apply Lipstick from the centre of the lips and work towards the corners of the mouth. To improve lipstick wear, apply Touche Éclat to the lip contour.

Ingredients: as in the picture

Price: 25GBP

My Experience With YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats: #207 Rose Perfecto:

The YSL Lipsticks, as we all know, just scream of luxury. It is so beautiful, coming in a square, golden colored casing, inside a box packaging. These new matte shades were released a few months back, and were being proclaimed as one of the best in the blog world. I got three shades from this collection around 2 months back, and have been wearing these so much since then. I am completely in love, and a total convert (since I am not much of a matte person).


Consistency: These lipsticks are just amazing; with a creamy consistency, which is not at all difficult to apply. It does not pull or tug at all. But it sets to a velvety matte finish within 15-20 minutes, and then stays on all day. It goes on quite creamy; then turns matte; but I have never faced any acute dryness of my lips. It is not hydrating; but it is not drying either. But as with all matte shades; you will have to prepare your lips well before applying.
Pigmentation: Just as solid concealers pack the most pigmentation; similarly, the matte lipsticks are the most pigmented of all. And these are really pigmented; providing almost 100 percent pigmentation in just one swipe.


Shade: This shade is named “Rose Perfecto”; and this is the most perfect shade of rose I have ever seen. Mostly, I see rose shades, to be much more of MLBB shades. However, this is the rose which we see in our daily life; a pretty pink, quite hot, yet fresh and muted; and with subtle purple undertones. It is almost the same shade of pink rose; which Salim gave to Anarkali in the film Mughal-e-Azam. Infact; this is the original shade of rose; till we started getting so many hybrid varieties of roses.


Staying Power: It stays put on the lips for a long time. It stays on my lips for 5-6 hours easily; does not transfer much after setting; and leaves behind a very lovely stain at the end of the day. However, since the shade is subtle; the stain is also quite subtle; an almost natural pink lips. It easily lasts me one full day; and more; and I am completely in love with this shade.

lip swatch collage

Pros of YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats: #207 Rose Perfecto:

• Luxurious packaging
• A beautiful, original, fresh shade of rose pink with purple undertones
• Fragrance is good
• Velvety matte
• No bleeding or dryness
• Goes on very smoothly on the lips
• Opaque in just one swipe
• Lasts on and on…and on

Cons of YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats: #207 Rose Perfecto:

• Expensive
• Shade not yet available in India (and might never be!)

My rating: 5/5

Will I recommend this: Yes, of course. These new matte shades were released in two groups: two dark shades and two nu*e shades. The two dark shades include Fuschia Fetiche and Red Rhythm; while the two nu*e shades are Nu*e Acoutic and this shade. I cannot imagine why this has been grouped under the Nu*es; except that this shade is a muted one; not very dark and vibrant. I absolutely love it for daytime wear; and for evening parties when I am sporting a smoky eye look. My face absolutely brightens up when I am using this lipstick; and I do not have such a beautiful pink in my collection at all; a pink with purple undertones, so hot yet so muted. Till next time, goodbye!

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  1. thats a stunningly pigmeted shade arpita.. you seem to be having a really good and a gorgeous collection of lippies… looks beautiful on u 🙂

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