YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation Review, Swatch, FOTD


Claims : Yves Saint Laurent presents a revolution in foundation: Youth Liberator Serum Foundation offers medium-to-full coverage and skin-firming benefits. It also offers 24-hour hydration and SPF 20 coverage.

This anti-aging foundation is infused with our award winning serum, Forever Youth Liberator Serum. Youth Liberator Serum Foundation combines 24 hours of nonstop hydrating properties to smooth and nourish the skin with our patented Color Tune-Up Complex to correct dullness giving you a newer, brighter complexion. From fair to dark complexions, Youth Liberator Serum Foundation corrects, unifies and evens all skin tones, giving the skin an instantly younger appearance.

Available in 10 universal shades. SPF 20 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Price : USD 69 / Rs 4300 approx

Ingredients :

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My Experience with YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation :

What intrigued me about the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation was the ton of skincare benefits it comes with. The inclusion of Forever Youth Liberator Serum within the foundation sounded like a big plus.A two in one kind of a benefit.  Honestly, I am not a huuuuge fan of YSL Foundations because now that I have used so many high end foundations, I know that you have better ones around in the luxury price segment only. I am nor floored by this one as well to be honest.

It is available in 10 shades and I use the shade BD50, which is the second darkest shade in range. And still I feel that I could have gone a tad bit darker. You know that satisfaction that the foundation matches your skintone to the ‘T’, that is not there. It’s pretty much a foundation for those with light and fair skin tones. The good part is that the shade range is very good with its undertones. So if you find it difficult to find a foundation that matches with your yellow or pink undertone, this could be a good bet.

The finish is satiny bending towards a bit matte. It’s not overly glowing but it looks natural and gives a nice healthy look to the skin. It also has SPF 20 so that’s a big plus for an every day foundation.

I have normal to dry skin and this foundation stayed pretty well for good 6 hours on my skin. But the weather being so super hot these days, I noticed that the foundation had pretty much disappeared from my nose area. 😐 So if you have oily skin, I really wouldn’t recommend. And if you have a normal to dry skin, a touch up or a two during the day would make it last longer. It does not settle in fine lines or get cakey through out the day.

The coverage is light to natural-medium. I think that makes it ideal for wearing it on a day to day basis. Plus the fact that it has an inclusion of an anti-ageing serum in it, it totally makes it an ideal one to use on daily basis. It covers up most blemishes or discolouration on the skin but don’t expect a coverage like a full coverage foundation.

It comes in a rather heavy glass bottle. Love the sleek design. Absolutely love the pump. 😀

The foundation is creamy. It’s not super lightweight on the skin but is not heavy either. It blends well with both a foundation brush and a sponge. I don’t like to use it with finger tips because I feel that ways it makes it look heavier. Brush. I feel, is ideal.

It is quite a perfume foundation and I’d put it in a nice way. But some people may not like it. It’s a little soapy if I could put it that way. You know the kind of fragrance that comes from body washes and you love it. 😛

I totallly DO NOT like the way it photographs. I mean every time I have clicked photographs wearing this foundation, I have never been very satisfied. I don’t know it’s the presence of SPF or the serum+ foundation combination…somehow it leaves me craving for more.

Overall, a decent one for a daily basis if you are a regular foundation wearer but I am not blown away.

I’d much prefer the YSL Fusion Ink if I am looking for a lightweight daily foundation.

Rating : 3/5


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Swatch :




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  1. I would stay away Rati, just because of the serum factor, it would be sooper heavy for my skin 🙁 Lob your fotd ms. singh 😛

  2. Such hot pic and you say you are not satisfied. That’s not fair! 😛 But, it looks quite natural and glowy. Which nail paint is that?

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