Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream Review

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We suffer from one or the other kind of body odour. For some, it is the underarms, for some it’s their feet. As the winters are approaching my feet have started to emit some foul smell as I am always in boots or fully covered shoes. To overcome this, I did try a lot of things but in vain. And finally, I decided to buy some deodorising cream and today’s review is on Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream. So, read on.

Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream Review

Price: $8.80 for 50ml
Keep your feet fresh.
Yves Rocher Botanical 12H Foot Deodorant Cream 50ml keeps your feet fresh and odor-free for 12 hours.
– Organic lavender essential oil for the well-being and comfort of your feet
– Refreshing peppermint essential oil.
– Apply every morning before putting on your shoes.
– Wash your hands after applying.

My Experience with Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream:

I have hardly used a foot cream in my life. I have always used lotions and even hand creams for my foot and recently it was becoming very embarrassing for me when I removed my shoes as my feet were emitting foul smell. I didn’t have this issue with open sandals but the day I wore boots or shoes, my feet smelt awful. As it is turning cold here, I had no other option. During one of my shopping spree, I noticed this deodorant cream and I had to pick it up to save myself!

Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream

The cream comes in a tube packaging. It is light lavender in color and translucent; this makes you see the contents remaining in the tube. The green flip cap is sturdy and shuts tight with a loud click. The cream is creamy and white in color. The foot cream has a semi-thick consistency and it isn’t very runny. The smell is strong and smells like peppermint and the freshness reminds me of the polo mint chocolate. The cream gets absorbed very quickly and leaves no trace of greasiness or any residue. It gives a cooling effect to the skin when applied. However, this cooling effect stays for a very short time and disappears.

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Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream Packaging

The cream thickens if it is not rubbed. The minty fragrance stays for a long time. Considering that the cream is a bit runny, you need to be careful when getting it out of the tube. First few times, I took out more cream than required. The remains of the cream form a white cast on the rim of the opening and it is kind of powdery. It is, of course, not a good sight. The cream also leaves a white residue on your hands after you apply the cream and thus, as mentioned, you need to wash your hands after application. So, it would have been better if it came as a spray. The cream actually works. A pea sized amount is what I need for each foot. The minty smells fades away a bit but the freshness remains for long.

Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream Swatch

I haven’t tried for all the 12-hour clock but my feet are good to go until 8-9 hours. The feet remain odour free for a long time and it is such a relief that I can pull out my shoes without worrying about the shoe stink. The other plus about the product is that it is paraben free and not tested on animals. So these are other reasons to buy this cream. The cream, as mentioned, is just a deodorising cream and doesn’t provide any moisturization or hydrating effect. I have tried mixing foot cream and this, but it didn’t last long as expected. Even though a small amount is needed, the tube quantity is very less and is pricey for the quantity. But as it provides fresh cool feeling to the feet, I might pick again but use it minimal or only when needed.

So, summing up:

Pros of Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream:

⦁ Travel-friendly.
⦁ Keeps feet fresh and odour-free.
⦁ Cools the feet, giving a calming effect.
⦁ Gets easily absorbed.
⦁ Doesn’t leave any residue.
⦁ A little quantity is enough.
⦁ Keeps feet fresh for more than 8 hours.
⦁ Paraben free.
Not tested on animals.

Cons of Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream:

⦁ Leaves a white residue on your hands and has to be washed.
⦁ Pricey for the quantity.
⦁ No moisturization and hydration from the cream.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream?

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