Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil Review

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Hair oils are one of the key hair care products we have been using for a very long time. Today, there are several hair oils available in the market that is a fusion of oils and promises results within a short period of time. I recently picked up one such hair oil from Yves Rocher and today’s review is all about Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil.

Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil Review

Price and Quantity:
$8.95 for 150ml

Product Description:
Discover this genuine exceptional treatment! Enriched with restorative Babassu Oil and Macadamia Oil to nourish the scalp, this concentrate of rich oils offers strength* to the hair.
Result: the hair is ultra-soft and shiny.
Paraben free, colorant free, silicone free.

Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil Review Details

Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil Review Ingredients

My Experience with Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil:

The hair oil comes in a transparent, round plastic bottle with a brown screw cap. The cap has a pretty design and it looks like antique on my shelf. The screw cap is pretty tight and closes well. The product is a good travel companion. There is some basic information on the back of the bottle. Through the transparent bottle, you can see the amount of oil present. The stopper dispenses the oil effectively. The sides of the dispenser are raised a bit and this prevents the oil spilling from the sides when you use. Overall, I love the design.

Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil Review Packaging

The oil is light yellow-brown in color. It is very lightweight and is non-sticky. It gets absorbed fast onto your hands and doesn’t feel greasy at all. It smells very pleasant and is not strong. It is a mixture of oils and you can see the ingredients. The usage of the product is easy. It works like any other hair oil, but it is bit faster. You need to apply and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it off.

Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil Review Cap Open

The oil is greasy when applied to the hair and you can clearly see the oil effect on your hair. So, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are going out. Even though it is said that the oil works in 10 minutes, you can get better results by keeping the oil longer. I usually keep it for around 1 hour and then wash it off. Since it is expensive, I use the oil only when I am in a hurry. The oil washes off very easily with any shampoo. Once you dry your hair, you can see that the hair is manageable and the oil adds shine to the hair. The radiance is brilliant and you can notice visible differences.

Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil Review Oil in Hand

The oil also adds moisture to the hair and nourishes the hair. The oil also makes my hair very smooth and feathery-like. It fills in the nourishment needed by the hair ends. The product doesn’t contain silicones or parabens which is a big plus. One of the feature of this product is that it makes your hair soft even if you do not follow up with a conditioner. The product doesn’t make the hair greasy after washing and all the residue will be gone. The product also helps in combating dandruff and dryness. The oil does strengthen the hair, but I guess by using any oil available in the market, you can achieve the results. Overall, it is a good oil that is great when in a hurry, but it is not a replacement for the old fashioned oil champi!

Pros of Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil:

  • Convenient package.
  • No leakage and travel-friendly.
  • Non-sticky oil and is lightweight.
  • Delivers results soon.
  • Adds brilliant radiance.
  • Makes hair manageable.
  • Makes hair soft and smooth.
  • Adds moisture and great for dull hair.
  • Free from parabens, silicones and dyes.
  • Doesn’t leave any greasy residue.

Cons of Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil:

  • Expensive.
  • Not a replacement for regular hair oil.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend or Repurchase Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil?
I would definitely recommend the oil for everyday busy woman! Since I use it only when I am in a hurry, I guess this bottle will go long and I would definitely repurchase it later.

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