Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner Review

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Today’s review is about Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner. I recently reviewed Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo and here is the counterpart. The shampoo and the conditioner are a match made in heaven. I just love my hair so much, after switching to the YVES hair care. So, let’s start with the review of the conditioner.

Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner Review

Product Description:
Smoothing – 48 H Smoothing Conditioner
Smooth and silky hair
Thanks to the smoothing attributes of the Gombo beans the 48 H Smoothing Conditioner makes your hair :
– 3 times more smooth*
– easily detangle and resistant to frizz
– easier to smooth during your brushing
*Instrumental test on Smooth Shampoo + Conditioner against classic Yves Rocher Shampoo
Use on rinsed hair after the shampoo. Begin at the ends of your hair and work upward to apply the conditioner. Rinse abudantly. Avoid contact with eyes.
Bonus + : Silicone free.

Cost: 5€ for 150ml


Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner Review

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My Experience with Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner:

Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner Review

This smoothing conditioner, comes in a tube packaging, and contains 150ml of product. The counterpart/matching shampoo comes in a 300ml bottle. As we all know we have to use less conditioner, so this makes sense. By the time you finish 300ml of shampoo, 150 ml of conditioner should be enough.

Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner Review (2)

The product needs to be squeezed out of the tube, more like that of toothpaste. It’s easy to squeeze for all ages. The consistency of the conditioner is very creamy and has herbal fragrance. As we know 97% of the product content is plant extract and it smells true to it. The fragrance is extremely mild and most of them would like it. The product contains okra seeds extract, which as we all know is slimy and can totally believe that the smoothing property is because of it. After I wash my hair with YVES shampoo, I use around a walnut size of the conditioner for my shoulder length hair. Yes, little goes a long way. I use most of the product to the tips of my hair and very little to the other parts. I leave it for 3 minutes or so (till I finish my body shower). The product also washes off easily and one can see the results instantly. My hair felt extremely soft, sleek, smooth and shiny.

Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner Review (2)

The conditioner is great at detangling the hair. It takes care of all the unruly frizzy hair and the hair feels well moisturized. It does all of the above, without weighing my hair down. The hair does not feel oily or greasy. I can go with this hair for 3 to 4 days without washing. The product worked great on my hair (Chemically treated hair) and the results are greatly visible. To top it all, it is free of silicon, parabens and added colors.

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Pros of Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner :

• Recyclable bottle.
• Biodegradable formula.
• Free of Silicon, paraben and colorant.
• Sturdy packaging.
• Lightly perfumed.
• Results in soft, smooth, frizz free hair.
• 97% plant extract.

Cons of Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner :

• Can’t think of any.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Buy Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner?
Yes, please. I loved the mild fresh fragrance and the results are just great.
Do I Recommend Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Conditioner?
Absolutely. Frizzy hair? Here is a solution which works. Use it with the Lissage Smoothing shampoo and the results are the best.

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