Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo Review

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Today’s review is about Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo. Here is one more product from my recent Yves Rocher haul. It’s the shampoo which has okra (lady finger vegetable) seed extract. I was attracted to this shampoo since a majority of the ingredients are plant extract.

Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo Review

Price: $4.95 for 300ml
Product Description:
Smoothes your rebel hair.
Say yes to smooth hair!
This Smoothing Shampoo is enriched with Okra Seed Extract recognized for its power to smooth the hair fiber.
Result: hair that’s 3 times smoother*.
It contains more than 98% natural ingredients and has a botanical cleansing base.
– Silicone free – Paraben free – Colorant free.
– Easily biodegradable formula.
– Recyclable bottle.

Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo Ingredients

My Experience with Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo:

The packaging is not very fancy. It’s basic but sturdy. It comes in a green colored bottle which has a brown colored flap lid. The lid is very secure and can never open accidentally, making it travel-safe. The flap lid is a little difficult to open if the hands are wet. It can easily damage my nails, so I tend to avoid using my nails to open the bottle. I sometimes even use my teeth.

Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo Cap

The consistency of the product is liquid. I use a small amount of this shampoo for my shoulder length hair. A little goes a long way. The color of the shampoo is white. The shampoo lathers very well. The fragrance is mild and fresh and it smells a bit like camphor. I love the fragrance! The fragrance does not last long, though. I could feel the fragrance for maximum one hour after the shower and not more than that. The shampoo leaves the hair very clean. When washing out the shampoo itself, one can notice the goodness of this shampoo. My hair feels very soft and smooth.

Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo Swatch

The shampoo is free of silicones, parabens and color. It is free of SLS but contains ALS. ALS is not as bad as SLS. ALS molecule is complex and large. So, ALS does not/can not penetrate the skin and damage skin (scalp). Due to this, ALS is less irritating to the scalp compared to SLS. I use the conditioner from the same line and the results are amazing. One can see the results from the first use. My frizzy hair becomes totally tamed and the results last more than 3 days. I do not think I will go back to any drugstore shampoo again. This shampoo cannot control hair fall. Overall, it’s a great product and I am totally loving it.

Pros of Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo:

⦁ Recyclable bottle
⦁ Biodegradable formula
⦁ Free of silicone, paraben and colorant
⦁ Sturdy packaging
⦁ Lightly perfumed
⦁ Results in soft, smooth, frizz-free hair
⦁ 98% plant extract

Cons of Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo:

⦁ The cap might damage your nails

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
Would I Repurchase Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo?
Sure. I am loving the soothing effects which this shampoo delivers. The results are instant and long-lasting.
Would I Recommend Yves Rocher Lissage Smoothing Shampoo?
Do give it a try especially if you are struggling with frizzy hair. It is really good and you will appreciate the results. I highly recommend this product!

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