Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium Eau De Parfum Review

Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium Eau De Parfum Review

IMBB Sponsored Product Review

Hi all my IMBB Cuties, Happy mid week to all of you 🙂

I am here today with my IMBB Sponsored Product review for the month of November 2013. I would like to once again thank Rati and Sanjeev for this wonderful opportunity, and thanks also goes out to Jomol for her kind help and assistance this time again.


“Yves Saint Laurent introduced an oriental floral fragrance for women called Belle d’ Opium in 2010 . This is a creation by noted perfumers Honorine Blanc and Alberto Morillas. Jasmine, gardenia, sandalwood, lily, and pepper are the hallmark aromas of this fragrance. They create a delicate feminine aroma with subtle spiciness. The perfume is designed to appeal to a variety of aroma preferences. It can be worn on several occasions. Women will find the blend of spicy, floral, and powdery accords irresistible. The main white floral accords are packed with the floral goodness. The fresh spicy and woody accords create a warm and refreshing effect, while the balmy, floral, and powdery accords produce a soothing effect.”

Product Details:

The new addiction by Yves Saint Laurent. A mysterious woman, a powerful and unsettling seductress, ingenuous but dangerous. Her perfume is a bewitching and luminous new Oriental fragrance. An overdose of rare and precious ingredients: Casablanca Lily, Incense, Jasmine Absolute.


Top notes: mandarin, Casablanca lily, gardenia, jasmine.

Heart: incense, peach, white pepper, tobacco, hookah accord, fruity notes.

Base: amber, sandalwood, patchouli, smoky notes.

Belle d`Opium is available as 30 ml, 50 ml and 90 ml EDP.


For 90 ml (being reviewed) is Rs. 6,500.


The outer packaging is a cardboard box which has a dark pink, blue and purple metallic “feathery” kind of a design print, with Belle D’Opium printed in bold gold capital letters in the middle. The bottle is a deep indigo glass bottle with a see-through glass circle in the middle with the name of the perfume printed on the see-through glass. The cap is a half-round golden cap.

YSL Opium Eau De Parfum 2

My Experience with Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium Eau De Parfum:

The story goes that those women who like the original Opium Eau de Parfum would stick to it as their overall signature fragrance and would never touch anything else in their entire lives. Somehow, Opium by YSL never really appealed to me; having tried it at the store umpteen number of times, and also having known quite a few lady friends who have worn this for years and years. I knew when they were in a crowded room by their perfume! Now fast forward to the beginning of this month, when I tried this lighter version of Opium at the YSL counter. I had never ever tested YSL Belle d’Opium before this. My olfactory senses jumpstarted and kicked alive and I had all sorts of pleasant smells going round and round in my mind and nose! This was THE ONE that I knew was just right for me for the cool season, the festive evenings and the warmth of it kept lingering on me as I walked through the store trying to distract myself from its temptation!

YSL Opium Eau De Parfum 4

I have been using this perfume since the beginning of this month and would describe it as a warm, comforting, soothing, definitely strong, suitable for evening use/winter use/festivity use. The fragrance falls in the oriental woody category and can be further de-categorised as white floral, balsamic, woody, fresh spicy and warm spicy. On immediate application, I can detect the floral notes, of which lily and jasmine are prominent.  In between its application and dry down time, the fruity notes, mainly, peach and mandarin orange, play around with the sense of smell, while to me, the hookah accord, sandalwood and amber notes are what are most pronounced as the fragrance settles down. The initial floral notes last around 20 minutes, the middle fruity ones wear down within 10 minutes, giving way to the long-lasting and heady hookah, tobacco and amber notes, which last for hours and hours altogether, completing themselves into a warm musky combination of all notes together, lasting a full evening and well into the night. Having received so many compliments and questions as to what I am wearing when I wear this, I am super happy with this perfume and I find that I have become addicted to its headiness and intoxicating fragrance.

YSL Opium Eau De Parfum 5

Pros of Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium Eau De Parfum:

  • A lighter alternative to the original Opium EDP by YSL.
  • Very suitable for winter season.
  • Suitable also for evening wear.
  • Long lasting.
  • Superb packaging.
  • Super-strong notes.
  • Can most likely become a person’s signature fragrance.

Cons of Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium Eau De Parfum:

  • Might not appeal to those who prefer light fragrance or floral fragrances.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium Eau De Parfum?

Yes, yes, yes, for sure.

Have a great week ahead everyone 🙂

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  1. You have described the fragrance so well Sab…. *haan ji* *haan ji* actually, I have used the YSL oriental edition Opium perfume, which was a bit too strong for me, but this one sounds similar to that oriental version

  2. awesomely described sabrina:) i smelled opium at a mall counter and it was too strong for my liking….. *scared* *scared* but i didnt see this on the sponsored list…you chose this off the list?

  3. Sabrina, this is so well reviewed here….am tempted to whiff the fragrance….
    glad that u like it…..is it ur signature fragrance now? *woot*

  4. firslty i would like to say that the pictures are truly classy..and the way you have explained the fragrance is awesome.. *clap*

  5. wow.. never read such detailed parfume review sabrina.. *clap* *clap* totally persuading and well explained notes… such royal classy packaging wow.. *drool* *woot* enjoyyyyyyyyy ur gifts.. *happy dance* *happy dance*

  6. the bottle is sooo beautiful sabrina. I am so going to try out this fragrance. I loove woody fragrances for winters. *happy dance* *happy dance* very detailed review and lovley pics. 🙂

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