Yves Saint Laurent Opium Rich Body Creme Review

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Rich Body Creme

yves saint laurent opium rich body cream
If the title itself didn’t crack you up in a thousand laughing mini-you-s (imagine Lilliput versions of you ) 😛 then my awkward snapshots of this exquisite product definitely will. No the caption wasn’t scripted intentionally like that; you see, this rich body crème is a part of the opium range launched by yves saint Laurent and they have also revamped the packaging it seems, very classy indeed.

What Yves saint Laurent Claims:
Fragrance : Introduced in 1977, Opium symbolizes Yves Saint Laurent’s fascination with the Orient and his unique understanding of a woman’s hidden emotions and inexplicable passions. Opium arouses the senses with an exotic blend of lush florals, rich spices, and deep wood notes. Blend: Spicy Oriental. Notes: Tangerine, Plum, Cloves, Coriander, Carnation, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Myrrh, Opoponax, Castoreum, Cedarwood, Sandalwood. Style: An enchanting, mysterious, and intriguing fragrance inspired by the Orient.
opium rich body creme
Price: around $ 76

My Experience With Yves Saint Laurent Opium Rich Body Creme

The crème provides a moisturising effect without over moisturising the skin. We all have this preconceived notion that crèmes produced by such foreign brands based in colder countries shall make heavy icky greasy emulsions which shall not suit our tropical hot and humid climate. But this is Yves saint Laurent, no less, so the formulation is extremely light. The fragrance extremely non-irritating (I think the skin craves for more, it feels so smooth and gorgeous) and is apt for moisturising after a bath. But like the TBS hair butter, go light with this please, do not slather excessive amounts of it on with a tiger`s paw-like scoop. That’s not how body crèmes are supposed to function. 😛

That’s how smooth it is. Like a crème brulee. Yum. Is masterchef on already ? 😛 *sniff sniff *

Soft and dewy, and it makes the skin moisturised.

Once blended, it hardly looks greasy or too heavy on skin.

PROS of Yves Saint Laurent Opium Rich Body Creme

1. It glides on like grease free crème brulee and gives a gorgeous satiny feeling to the skin.
2. The fragrance is so addictive and too inviting, it’s just the biggest pro and purpose of the range I suppose. 😀
3. It is like opium. Makes the wearer and everyone around her feel intoxicated for hours. ^_^ (If only Mr Colebridge had access to this in his times, his health wouldn’t have suffered so! 😛 )
4. Say NO to drugs but yes yes yes to Yves saint Laurent Opium luxuriant body crème. 😀

CONS of Yves Saint Laurent Opium Rich Body Creme

1. Honestly? Let me think. Absolutely none! 😛

It’s definitely something you might repurchase but there might be other variants you’d like to try, but still it’s Yves saint Laurent. (sighs! ) ^_^ 😀

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10 thoughts on “Yves Saint Laurent Opium Rich Body Creme Review

    1. Hehee, that was the purpose of my review of this. I tend to find something humorous in every element and trust me that has landed in trouble plenty of times , but what`s life without a bit of hee-haw I say ? XD Thank you for the read.

  1. lol my mom has opium ka edp n it’s in the most bloody beautiful bottle ever! dad got it frm france about 20+ years ago..piece of art that bottle! tho m not a fan of the fragrance :/

  2. I`ve got the perfume too, but I think one variant of it has already been reviewed By jomol di. 😀 Mine has a diff packaging though. It`s good to have an excuse for writing for imbb again 😀 ^_^

  3. i have used a body creme by estee lauder. these luxury brands really make their luxury creams feel so luxurious… 😛 😛 i sooo want to try this. I guess i should start with ysl perfumes only. never tried them. 🙂 good and very tempting review. 😀

  4. So right you are. These have the nectar from eden kind of textures. Makes you feel like a million bucks and can totally up the mood and hotness quotient of an individual. If you smell great , you feel great ,it`s a fact isnt it 😛

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