Z Palette Review

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Z Palette Review

I absolutely detest having single eyeshadows lying around, probably because I dislike mess but mainly because when I am applying make up, I don’t like having to look for different colours which can be very time consuming. I also had wanted to buy MAC shadows but never did because as I said, I just don’t like the single ones and would rather have had them all in one palette. The Z Palette came out quite some time ago when there was a huge craze on depotting eye shadows on YouTube. It was definitely a good time for them to come out with the palette as it was definitely in demand!

Z Palette Review

What the website says about the Z Palette,

‘Z Palette the customizable magnetic empty makeup palette is an exclusive universal case with an open magnetic bottom to fit the color pans you want, and none of the ones you don’t. Customize it to fit your needs and be eco-friendly by reducing packaging. The clear window also allows you to see what’s inside without any fuss.

Life is complicated enough; why not simplify the things you can.’

There are four designs to choose from- Leopard print, Zebra print or plain black or pink. I personally really liked the look of the zebra print and so picked that one. There are also three sizes to choose from, from which I chose the medium one. The small one I felt was not enough for how many shadows I needed to de-pot and the larger one came out a lot later when I had already purchased mine.

rati beauty diet plans

Z Palette Review

The size of it is still larger than the MAC palette which is available to buy on their site. It is a cardboard type material with a clear plastic window on the top. It sounds pretty flimsy but in reality is pretty sturdy.

Z Palette Review

As I am sure you can tell, I have quite a lot of eyeshadows in this palette. They range from MAC, Urban Decay, Stila, Yaby and more. I love this palette. It now holds pretty much all my single shadows and has made it so easy for me to use because I can create so many looks from it.

I think it is a useful for make up artists because you can choose what eyeshadows to put in it which makes it so much easier when you are going on jobs. Also, you can keep changing it around depending on what kinds of looks you will be doing on that day.

The magnetic base is really good because it grabs on to metal pans and they don’t move around at all.

These are not readily available in the UK but there are a few website’s where they can be bought. I personally got mine from a www.love-makeup.co.uk.

Pros of Z Palette:

 Large
 Magnetic base
 Plastic window allows easy visibility of products
 Contents can be changed according to preference
 Good for traveling with

Cons of Z Palette

 Not cheap
 Could get beat up after a while

This retails at around £15-£16 which is quite pricey but at the same time i find it to be worth it simply because it has helped me to organise my eyeshadows really well.

I am actually considering repurchasing because I want to have one palette for neutral shades and one for colours.

What do you think of this it?

Rating: 4.5/5

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