ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review

Hello gorgeous IMBB’ians,

We all know that moisturizer is an essential part of skin care regime, which when followed religiously helps us achieve an even complexion and healthy skin.  But not all beauties except the ones blessed with oily skin know how difficult it is to find a good moisturiser which doesn’t turn their face into an oil tank.  I being blessed with the same major oily skin type 😉 ended up purchasing this product ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer, which not only felt light on the skin, but also claimed loads of anti-aging benefits. Read on to find out how it actually fared on my skin type 🙂

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

Product Description:

This rich-textured moisturizer boosts your skin’s hydration and clarity to impart firmness and a silky glow. Please refer to the snap below for further detailed claims of the product.

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

How To Use:

Smooth an appropriate amount over face with hand or cotton pad after balancing skin.

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer


1099 INR for 125 ml.


Please refer to the picture below.

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

My Take on ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer:

Since the standard quantity of this moisturizer is 125 ml, the bottle is huge and made of thick plastic which is extremely sturdy.  The screw cap fits tight and causes absolutely no mess.  It is travel friendly if you don’t mind carrying the huge bottle which I personally don’t prefer until and unless it is a perfume bottle 😛 🙂

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

What actually drew me to ZA counter is the classy-pretty pink bottle, which I couldn’t stop staring at, even when the SA was rambling about its benefits and what not 😛  The dispenser has a slightly wider opening when compared to the usual nozzle, which works just perfect for me and thus hygiene issues are taken care.

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

The bottle doesn’t carry information about the expiry date, thus I prefer keeping the outer carton box which contains humongous amounts of details about the product.  This moisturiser has a thin gel-like consistency which is not too runny. On blending, it breaks down into water-like texture which sinks into the skin within seconds.  It is a transparent gel with no fragrance to it at all.

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

Once completely absorbed into the skin, it makes your face look as though you have had 12 hours of sleep :P, I am not exaggerating! The finish is neither dewy nor matte; it just leaves a perfect healthy-looking skin.

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

Now, it the final test. When I use this as my moisturiser during the day, on my oily skin type, it survives for a maximum of 3 hours after which it starts turning shiny, but it doesn’t make the skin look dull. However, it fits in perfectly as a night-time moisturiser and hence it’s a staple for my night-time skin care regime.  It caused no breakouts or irritation. Since it’s officially winters now, my skin drinks it up and I can see my face so soft, supple and glowy in the morning 🙂

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

Regarding the anti-aging benefits, I don’t really see any huge difference in my skin since I don’t suffer from any aging factors right now; however, with continued usage, I do feel it makes my skin feel slightly firm but nothing too magical or heavy duty anti-aging benefits.

Rounding it off, it is an excellent moisturizer for colder months which is ideal for all skin types which also provides a hint of anti-aging benefits as well.

ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer

Lastly, summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer:

  • Texture of lotion is extremely easy to work with and sinks in immediately.
  • Provides excellent moisturization to all skin types.
  • Causes no irritation or breakouts.
  • Has no fragrance.
  • Does not feel greasy on application.
  • Works well as a makeup base.
  • Available easily.
  • Hygienic packaging.
  • Comes with a lot of product thus worth every penny.
  • A little goes a long way.

Cons of ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer:

  • Anti-ageing claims are too high for what it delivers.
  • Packaging is not perfect to travel with.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase ZA Perfect Solution Moisturizer?

No, for the only reason that this bottle itself will last me for good 4 to 5 months.

Until next time, stay gorgeous!!

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    1. You can get this at any shopper stop, malls or even health and glows have ZA outlets these days.. Very easily available 🙂

  1. I got a sample of this product to try if it works good for my skin and i have to say I am liking it. As you mentioned nothing can be said about the anti-aging properties too soon..But i feel its just a good moisturizer

  2. Vaishnavi….you have sold this product to me – especially when you said that it makes your skin look like it had 12 hours of sleep 🙂

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