Za True White Day Cream SPF 20 PA++ Review

Za True White Day Cream SPF 20 PA++

Hi Beauties,

I wish you all a very Happy Dussehra and ShubhoBijoya. May all the evils in your life be banished; and joy and happiness reign forever in your lives. I have been MIA since last few days…. due to Durga Puja celebrations…. But out of sight does not mean out of mind, correct???? You have all been in my minds and thoughts and prayers; and I was actually itching to get some time and start writing for my favorite blog again. Today is the day of KojagiriPurnima; which is celebrated as Goddess Laxmi Puja in Bengali population; while Goddess Kali puja is celebrated during Diwali. Today, I shall be reviewing a favorite skin care product; yes a sunscreen again. But this is not just a sun-screen, it is a moisturiser in which sunscreen elements have been added. The product comes from the brand ZA( pronounced as zee-ei), which comes from the house of Shiseido.

About the Product: A whitening day cream for moisturized translucent skin. This brightening Day Cream gives high whitening effect by diminishing melanisation, dark sports, blemish marks and patchiness to reveal translucent, clear skin; and Moisturizing effect by removing excess surface cells, while deeply hydrating skin from inside-out. SPF 20 PA++ formula protects from UVA & UVB.

Za True White features three best whitening ingredients –

Revolutionary 4MSK Formula penetrates deep within the skin to diminish the formation of excessive melanin, reduce blemishes & dark spots that are visible on the surface giving an even-toned radiance.
Vitamin C Complex with a potent combination of APM (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) and VC-IP (TetrahexydecylAscorbate) lightens the deep rooted melanin pigments to restore skin’s translucence.
The range is enriched with exclusive SPA ingredients like Natural Spring Water from the foothills of Mount Cazzaro in Tuscany, Italy, Trehalose and White Lily extract to give unparalleled moisture to the skin. Its Prism Enhancer System removes unwanted dead corneal cells and allows for maximum diffusion of light on the skin’s surface making it radiant with brightness. Increases skin cell renewal to lighten and give you radiant looking skin
• Whitening effect: Suppresses melanisation and diminishes dark spots, blemish marks and patchiness. – Whitening 4MSK, vitamin C.
• Moisturising effect: Removes excess skin surface cells and deeply hydrates skin. Moisturising effect lasts 8 hours.
Results: Achieves moisturised, translucent, bright and even toned skin. Texture: Light weight cream swiftly absorbed into the skin. Features : Lightens overall skin tone by reducing melanin transfer to surface of skin. Reduces appearance of dark spots and dullness
How to Use: Smooth an appropriate amount over face with fingers after toner.Apply several dots on the face and spread evenly from the centre of the face outwards.
INGREDIENTS: 4MSK, Vitamin C derivatives (AMP and VC-IP), Prism Enhancer
SPA Ingredients: Trehalose, Natural Spring Water,White Lily Extract, SPF 20 PA++

Price: Rs 999/- for 40 gm product.

My Experience with Za True White Day Cream SPF 20 PA++

The product comes in a tough plastic, transparent box, with all information written on the box. The product is enclosed in a white tub packaging, with a narrow base and wide apex. The cap has to be twisted anticlockwise to open the tub. Inside is the cream, also white in color and filled upto the brim.

The texture of the cream is very soft, creamy and almost mousse like. The consistency is neither too thick nor too runny, infact the consistency is just perfect. It has a very mild fragrance, fresh, seemingly of white lilies, which does not irritate either the nose or the face; and does not remain long after application. Due to its texture, a large amount of product is not needed; and it will last you a long time. Infact, just a small penny size amount of product is needed for entire face and neck area. Application is best done using just your fingers. It absorbs into the skin very easily, leaving no greasy or oily feel on the skin; but it is not matte either. It does not have any shimmer particles in it; yet it gives a nice glow to your skin. The finish is extremely soft and leaves your skin supple and with a satiny touch.
Despite Presence of SPF, there is no white or ashy cast left on to the skin. It has been a very long time since I actually believed that certain skin care products do cause whitening of skin. I am past all those claims now. I believe that these fairness or whitening products may brighten the skin or even cause some degree of glow; but Fairness- OH…NO…NO…NO!!!!When I received this product, I had totally disregarded the whitening claims of this product as simply a gimmick. But, I have to admit that I was wrong. This product indeed causes some degree of fairness of the skin. My skin has become fairer over the days, using it since about a month. Although the SPF is just 20; it does provide a very good job of sun protection. I have had no episodes of tanning, burning of skin, sun spots or darkness. As usual, I apply it every 2 hourly; but this has been extremely effective in preventing the tanning of the skin. My skin has actually become fairer over the days…. And the previously present sun spots have faded quite a bit.

The only fault I found in this product is the Tub packaging (which decreases the efficacy of the ingredients); and the hefty price tag they have attached to this product. Although this product gives an excellent skin protection; after testing it out for one month; I have now started using it mostly during those days when I won’t be out in the sun much. It makes an excellent base for applying makeup; and has not broken me out at all.



Pros of Za True White Day Cream SPF 20 PA++

• Pleasant , non-breakable packaging
• Texture is perfect
• Consistency is mousse like
• Only a small amount of product is needed for face and neck area; will last me a long time
• Has not broken me out
• Fragrance is mild and soothing and not long lasting
• Absorbs into skin very easily,
• Does not leave skin either oily nor matte,
• Makes skin very soft and supple
• Contains SPF 20, PA ++; giving quite good protection from the sun
• Makes skin fairer to a certain degree
• Fades out any pigmentation or dark spots on the skin
• Does not leave any white or ashy cast on the skin
• Makes for an excellent base for applying makeup
• Suitable for all skin types in all seasons of the year (Except maybe very oily skin beauties)

Cons of Za True White Day Cream SPF 20 PA++

• Expensive
• Not yet very widely available
• Would have been happier if the packaging was not in a tub
• Would have been happier with a higher SPF (my thoughts only)

IMBB rating: 4.8/5

Will I recommend Za True White Day Cream SPF 20 PA++ ?

Yes , I will…. To all of you. This is an excellent quality day cream from the house of Shiseido, which will not break you out, will provide sun protection, will leave your skin soft and supple, will make an excellent base for your makeup; AND will actually make you look fairer. Believe me; O Beauties of all skin types (especially Dry to Combination skin types; and Oily skin in winters); this one is a supreme quality product.

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    1. Hi Neha …. Thnx… Yeah the product is simply too good…. And yes, we also have kojagiri purnima from today evening onwards…. Only we do Laxmi pujan on this day

  1. hey Arpita I use this cream and love it to the core…agree with you that it definitely makes skin smooth and keeps it hydrated 🙂

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