Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review

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By Sadhna Agarwal

Hey guys,

I’m back with another review along with many more to come. I recently purchased a bunch of things online but the delivery took eons of time and I felt like I was waiting forever but finally all those things are with me and I’ll be writing many more reviews soon after trying and testing them. Today I’m going to review this exfoliating clay which I have with me since the past two weeks. Za is a very known skincare brand here on IMBB and so far I love all the products I own from this brand. Let’s see if this one was a hit or a miss for me.

Za True White Exfoliating Clay

Product Description:

Za True White Exfoliating Clay

Za True White Exfoliating Clay

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Za True White Exfoliating Clay

Price: INR 399 for 100g (I got it at a discounted price though)

My Take on Za True White Exfoliating Clay:

Before I start with the experience let me tell you a little bit about my skin. I have such a dry skin that even in summers my skin has dry patches and flakiness which is why I’m very picky about my exfoliators as most of them further dry out the skin. Let’s read on further to see how this one turned out to be.

Packaging: The clay is packed in a white opaque tube with the name “Za” in silver and the rest of the descriptions in fuchsia. The packaging is very glossy looking but very basic as it’s the standard true white packaging which I don’t mind at all. It does not come housed in an outer carton which is fine too. The tube itself has all the necessary information along with its claims, directions and ingredients.

Za True White Exfoliating Clay

Za True White Exfoliating Clay

Za True White Exfoliating Clay

Texture: The cream inside is a thick white cream along with several minute exfoliating granules. The cream lathers up really well and massages well too. This clay is supposed to be a gentle exfoliator but on my sensitive skin which bruises very easily, I found the granules to be slightly harsh which is why I try not to massage it for a long time.

Experience: The clay does a really good job at exfoliation. It also has a very mild but sweet fragrance which is quite pleasant and not nauseating. It gets rid of the excess oil and dirt and gives a really shiny glow to the skin; it also helps in getting rid of the flakiness around my nose. It does not completely dry out the skin but since I have extra dry skin, my skin feels very stretchy but after a few minutes the feeling is gone and my skin feels very normal.

Za True White Exfoliating Clay

Za True White Exfoliating Clay

Even though a moisturizer is a must for me I feel this clay will suit best to oily skin types or even normal to dry ones. I like the glow it imparts to my face and makes me look very fresh. It is advisable to use this only 2 times a week for dry skin and 3 times a week for oily skin. I completely agree with that as too much usage of this clay will over dry your skin. Overall I really like this clay for summers but I don’t think I’ll be using it in winters as it will not suit my extra dry skin. Summing up the pros and cons…

Pros of Za True White Exfoliating Clay:

• Exfoliates really well.
• Mild pleasant fragrance.
• Gets rid of the excess oil and imparts a glow to the skin.
• Best suited for oily or normal skin type.

Cons of Za True White Exfoliating Clay:

• May not suit extra dry skin.
• The skin feels a little stretchy for a few minutes for dry skin.
• More suitable to use during summers rather than winters.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Recommend/Repurchase Za True White Exfoliating Clay?
Yes I do recommend this exfoliating clay especially if you have oily skin as it works efficiently in removing the excess oil. This tube is going to last me the entire season so I may not repurchase it for winter.

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8 thoughts on “Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review

  1. I don’t have extra dry skin, I guess it’s going to work fine for me. I will consider this one when my current mask gets over. I like it. 🙂

    1. Yes yes I really like this one, if only it was a little moisturizing for me it would be my HG exfoliator.

  2. Now, this is something that I am mighty interested in , first that it’s a clay mask and then also an exfoliator 😛

    1. aww i know it’s really bad to have to slather on moisturizer all over your body even when the climate is so hot and humid 🙁

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