Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum Review

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Ooh la la! It’s a fragrance review. I have already confessed my love for fragrances, perfumes, scents or whatever you call it in my reviews. I don’t think I have any non-scented lotion, shower gel or moisturiser. Personally, I love to sniff products which transcend you to the other regime of your senses. I love how a nice smelling product can uplift your mood completely. Alright, let’s move on to today’s review.

Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum Review

I love perfumes and I try to cover all ranges of fragrances. This time I wanted something subtle, sweet and soft. I tested a couple of brands like CK, Ralph Lauren, Marks and Spencer and Zara. I hadn’t tried any Zara perfume earlier and Zara Luminous Flowers EDP awed me. It is delicate yet deep, rich and sensual with a floral touch. Among many Zara products, this one is utmost fruity, modern and young. It is available two sizes: 30ml and 100 ml.

Price: £15.99 for 100 ml
Product Description:
Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum Description

It is a fruity-floral fragrance for women from Zara with the top notes of apple and pear; middle notes of orange and peony and vanilla as the base notes.

My Experience with Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum:

I was overly impressed with the packaging. It is quite sturdy, smart and well-defined. The box is strong and the fragrance comes packaged in a solid rectangular glass bottle embellished with a white ribbon around the neck. With no odd, altered or complicated shape, it is easy to hold, use and carry.

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Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum Packaging

I was at Zara to buy a smart skirt and comfy boots for office and as always I never paid attention to the fragrance and accessories section. Just to check them out, I tested so many fragrances that I got baffled to pick my final product.

There are plenty of varieties available under Zara fragrance range and since I wanted to wear a perfume mostly for work or casual outings I preferred to buy a floral sweet perfume – Zara Luminous Flowers EDP. Zara Luminous Flowers is a wonderful amalgamation of various scents bunched into a jackpot.

The top notes start with apple tree leaves and pear gently pierced with woody scents of orange, followed by peony and vanilla. Wow! Can you imagine the ecstasy of this wonderful product? Personally, I noticed extremely light traces of orange in the end, which linger for a long time. Isn’t this so rich, mighty and luxe? I love the way they’ve blended these many aromatic ingredients in a lavish manner!

Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum Bottle

The perfume is rich yet delicate, floral and sweet. Still, it does not overpower the senses. And that’s what rules me; I am fond of fragrances but I usually don’t appreciate strong scents. Since it’s overwhelmed by high floral notes, I prefer to wear this during the day. It’s very smooth and conveniently sinks into you. It has a fresh feminine touch, which not only goes well with you, but with your audience as well.

People will turn their heads towards you to admire the fragrance thinking that it is a luxury and premium one. But it is from Zara – affordable, easy and unique. Zara is famously known as a clothing brand, but mind you, like Marks and Spencer it has an influencing fragrance range and that’s how it widens its customer base.

So, overall it is a very lavishly fragrant product which will stay with you for a long time. Having said that, choices of fragrances are quite subjective, personal and even biased. This one is thrillingly floral, pleasant and sensual, but it also depends on what you like on a personal level.

Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum Open

Pros of Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum:

• Pleasant, rich and sensually sweet fragrance
• Floral fragrance – fit for any occasion
• Stays for a long time
• Has a classic and sensual touch
• Fruity but not overpowering
• Perfect for day wear
• Has a lovely mixture of orange, pear and apple

Cons of Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum:

• If you find one, please let me know

IMBB Rating: 4.9 out of 5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Zara Luminous Flowers Eau de Parfum?
Though choices of fragrances are personal, this is definitely there to stay in your wardrobe. Just to try something new, I may pick another perfume from Zara next time.

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