Zara Night Eau de Parfum Review

So I did a mini Zara haul recently. Most of them comprising of clothes, but I got this perfume and the most attractive part about it was the perfume bottle. I’m a sucker for black and grungy looking stuff. Sales are on and may the best person, in this case most patient person win with all the goodies and the best stuff out there. Read on to know why I love this one.

Zara Night Perfume

Zara Night Perfume


Zara Night Eau de Parfum is a fragrance for women presented in flacons of 40 and 80 ml. Its luminous green opening with bergamot is decorated with peony and roses and warmed with vanilla in the base. Outer carton combines black and gold alluding on the fragrance created for glamorous nights out. Zara Night Eau de Parfum was launched in 2014.


Rs 1290, I got it for Rs 590! 😀

Zara Night Perfume

My Experience with Zara Night Eau de Parfum:

Top Notes: Bergamot
Middle Notes: Peony and Rose
Base Notes: Vanilla

My guessing is that Zara Night and Zara Woman will smell pretty much the same because their top notes are similar. The packaging of this particular perfume is so attractive. It is a round circular bottle with clear glass and golden studs forming the diameter of the bottle. It has a black cap with golden flat top and ZARA in-scripted on it. The cap shuts with a click and hence it is quite travel friendly; you can carry it with you on vacations. I took this with myself during my short trip to Shimla and it had me smelling yummy at all times! I even got several compliments for it.

Zara Night Perfume

Zara Night Perfume

This one is suitable for all occasions and would be amazing for parties in the night. It is such an attractive fragrance. Zara Night has an opening of “bergamot is decorated with peony and roses and warmed with vanilla in the base”. The composition is softened and warmed by vanilla in the base. The lasting power is pretty good. It lasts for a good 4-5 hours, and leaves a soft stain of fragrance on clothes, which lasts till washed. So, if you wear this on the same cloth and layer it on with another spray of it, you’re going to smell absolutely splendid. It is absolutely amazing and worth a buy. The quantity is not much and if you are a regular user than this should get over in two to three months.

Zara Night Perfume

Pros of Zara Night Eau de Parfum:

  • Lovely fragrance. I’m a sucker for vanilla, so this one is a little biased.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Pretty much affordable.
  • Lasts very long.

Cons of Zara Night Eau de Parfum:

  • I’m sorry (not sorry). There are none! 😀

Would I repurchase Zara Night Eau de Parfum?

I love this perfume. However, I’m willing to try other variants from Zara’s perfume range and might not get this one for sometime.

Would I recommend Zara Night Eau de Parfum?

For all those looking for an attractive fragrance for special occasions and if you want something that smells not so floral then go for it. The lasting power of this is good and will last for a good 5-6 hours. It’s a hit for girls and ladies of all age groups. I absolutely love this fragrance and would definitely recommend it to all you beauties out there. 🙂

IMBB Rating:

5 / 5.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys!

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