Zara Nuit Eau De Parfum Review

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I am back with one more perfume from Zara and this time it’s “Nuit” EDP. I am sure you must have gauged my love for perfumes by now. I own so many already but still love to bag good deals from great brands. While Zara Floral and Zara Red are my favorites from Zara and I always keep stock of them no matter what, I picked up Zara Nuit EDP this time. The square bottle in brown looked lovely and huge to me. The fragrance was decent and very much an everyday perfume, and at this price tag, I could not let it pass.

Zara Nuit Eau De Parfum Review

INR 990 for 100 ml.
Zara describes the notes as Floral- Spicy- Fruity with Bergamot, Apricot, Vanilla, Musk and Cedar.

Zara Nuit Eau De Parfum ingredients

My Experience with Zara Nuit Eau De Parfum:

Don’t we feel disappointed when our favorite perfume does not last for long. Well, we pick any perfume bottle expecting longevity; however, if we observe carefully, the more concentrated the product, the longer it is going to last on us. Perfumes are supposed to be the strongest and most concentrated followed by eau de parfum and then eau de toilette (which is the least concentrated). Eau de parfum lasts for a decently longer time and it works best on our pockets too.

Zara Nuit Eau De Parfum outer packaging

Zara Nuit is an Eau de Parfum has a fruity fragrance which smells sweet when applied. The sweetness settles down after a while and one can smell the fragrance of amber, vanilla and musk which lingers on for a long time. Zara fragrances have a unique richness and they smell very sophisticated. Zara Nuit lasts easily for 5 to 6 hours on me and leaves a subtle fragrance after that.

Zara Nuit Eau De Parfum bottle

Zara Nuit Eau de Parfum comes in a light cream-colored box packaging with a beautiful ribbon on it tied in the form of a bow. The ingredients are listed on it. The parfum itself comes in a square brown colored bottle with a plastic brown cap that has Zara engraved on it. The edp bottle is huge and is quite a handful to hold on. To me, Zara Nuit is an everyday perfume that lasts for a decent time and offers a sweet fragrance at a pocket-friendly price.

Pros of Zara Nuit Eau De Parfum:

  • Sweet fragrance.
  • Beautiful square glass packaging.
  • Decently priced.
  • Easily available.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Long lasting, up to 5 hours.
  • Does not leave stain marks on clothes.
  • Does not irritate skin.

Cons of Zara Nuit Eau De Parfum:

  • Not a travel-friendly packaging.

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