Zara Silk EDT Review

Zara Silk EDT

Hi everybody,

It is once in around 1-2 months that I visit shopping malls. So I obviously pick up tonnes of products in one go. Once we enter, it is hard to find me around for the ones who accompany me. 😛 I go from one store to the other like a mad shopping addict. Unlike many people around, I actually like returning empty pocket. 😛 It was one such day 2 days ago. I picked up Zara perfume, marks and spencer perfume and body lotion, MAC lippie, sephora lippie and lotion, eye pencils, inglot lip pots and eye shadows, forest essential stuff and the list is endless. Anyways, with great shopping comes a list of reviews to be done. Here is the first product from my shopping haul- Zara silk perfume. Read on to find more n this one.
Zara Silk EDT

Price: INR 890 for 75ml

My take on Zara Silk eau de toilette:


First of all, I would say I like almost all Zara fragrances; there were fruity, floral, oriental, spicy, mild, green apple all fragrances in Zara in different sized bottles and very decent pricing. I could pick up 4-5 of them at one go but then I have to control myself; after all there should be something for the next visit too right? Ok, so this comes in a biggie orange bottle in a slanted shape. It has a silver cap and spray nozzle. The packaging is sturdy and there is absolutely no spilling of the perfume, whichever position you place it in. This one is a very favorite fragrance of mine. It is more on the fruity side with some warm notes in the background. It is mild and sensual. It is not something overpowering at all, subtle mild fragrance which would make an impact on people around you and the one that comes closer cannot resist you. 😛 It is neither a sweet fragrance nor a spicy one. It is fruity and is seductive for sure.

Zara Silk EDT (3)

It is an awesome fragrance for day time and if you like mild fragrances only, you can wear this in the evening too. I like my fragrances to be neither too mild nor overpowering, so I spray it 3-4 times at one time. Since it is an edt spray, it does not remain for long. Like, it does remain but it gets lighter. It stays for say 3-4 hours and then you would only smell it if you sniff closely. Its fragrance does not change with time, like I do not notice any difference in notes with fresh spray and sniffing after 1 or 2 hours. It is the same fragrances but it gets milder with time, that’s all. This would interest women of all age groups. This would be an everyday fragrance for me. I love it completely; it does make a mark and does not go overboard too.

What is good about Zara Silk eau de toilette?

• Very pretty packaging and bottle color. The bottle and spray nozzle is sturdy.
• Lovely fruity fragrance with some amazing warm notes in the background.
• It is neither too mild nor too strong.
• It will definitely make people around you want to come closer. 😛
• Can be made an everyday day wear perfume.
• Very decent pricing.

Zara Silk EDT (4)

What is not so good about Zara Silk eau de toilette?

• Availability is an issue. There are very few Zara outlets in India.
• Staying power is not that good.

IMBB Rating:

According to me it is 5/5 but it is always a personal preference with perfumes.

Repurchase and recommendation:

Yes for both.

Until next time, take care!

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16 thoughts on “Zara Silk EDT Review

  1. hey sahiba.. even i have a zara one.. and i agree.. they don’t last long … and just disappear without a trace.. this one is soo pretty and cute .. pink is an all time fav ..nice one 🙂

    1. ya staying power is a problem with most of the Zara fragrances… N how are you Nidhi?? long time no see… *waiting*

  2. I am going to check it out sahiba. This sounds soo nice. and you have taken absolutely beautiful pictures of the bottle *clap* *clap* *clap*

    1. Thankuu Rati di.. *happy dance* do check them out… there are so many versions of edts at present in the select city walk zara store… *happydance*

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