Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush Review

Hello everyone!
Today’s review is about Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush.
I had heard and read a lot of good things about Zoeva brushes that I wanted to get hold of few products and give them a try. Thanks to IMBB for sponsoring this product. Read on to find out how the brush performed.

Price: 15€ (approximately 1050 INR)

Product Description:
Always striving for the perfect makeup brush we have re-invented our ZOEVA 104 Buffer.


That’s new: Discover a new era of foundation routine and feel the extraordinary dense but yet ZOEVA-soft bristles. It will help you create a natural and maximum flawless makeup finish.

The cloudy soft vegan bristles pick up perfectly any kind of cream and loose makeup without absorbing the product.

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The thickened brush handle makes application even more easy and lies in your hand steady and luxuriously.

ZOEVA brushes – where elegance meets expertise.

My Experience with Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush:

The 104 Buffer brush is a vegan foundation brush with a flat head. It promises to provide natural and maximum flawless makeup finish. The brush claims to be perfect for all-over application and blending of foundation, powder and mineral makeup products.


Packaging: The brush comes in black and silver color. It’s also available in rosegold and bamboo. Most of my makeup brushes are black and I wanted to stay in the same color range. The brush is packed in a zipper bag which can be used during travel. It’s not a fancy bag but serves the purpose. The bristles are Taklon (common name for a synthetic fiber). The positive thing about synthetic fiber is that its devoid of any protein component or allergen elements. This makes the bristles vegan and allergy free. This is not the case with animal hair. The handle of the brush is stout which provides a good grip during application.


I used the brush to apply my foundation and was very happy with the results. The bristles are very soft and didn’t irritate my very sensitive skin. The finish was also just great. It feels more easy to use when compared with beauty blender. I feel with this brush I am able to spread and cover my whole face much quicker.
What I also noticed is the brush did not absorb the product. With other brushes, there is a lot of wastage of the product since the brush/beauty blender absorbs so much of the product.
I have washed it once till now and didn’t see any fall out.


Overall I am happy with the results and was not able to find any flaws.

Pros of Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush:

• Stout handle makes it easy to hold during application.
• Dense bristles.
• Doesn’t absorb the product.
• Vegan.
• Allergy free.
• Results in a flawless finish.

Cons of Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush:

• None.


IMBB Rating: 5/5

Will I Repurchase Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush?
I’m sure this brush will last many years and by then there will be new products in the market and I shall decide then. But I have no complaints about the brush.

Do I Recommend Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush?
If you need some kind of help to apply foundation and want flawless finish, then just pick this brush. It is not expensive when compared to other high-end brushes. You will love the results.

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