Zoeva 112 Face Curve Brush Review

Hello Ladies!!
We always need something more isn’t it? In my case although I am not that pro at some techniques I would still want to purchase stuff relating to it. With the use of makeup brushes that I already had I realised that the kind of finishing and effects these brushes impart is amazing. Also one needs to have good quality brushes and investment in them is always a wise decision.

Price: Euro 12.80
Packaging: Zoeva is very particular in the way their brushes are packed. The brush comes in a really soft plastic zipper bag. Also the brush is packed in a plastic cover wherein the bristles are carefully covered with a thick plastic casing. The number and name of the brush is written at the back of the zipper as well as on the brush.
Company Claims: Go for a flat, curved foundation brush and experience a super easy and comfortable makeup routine. With the 112 Face Curve ZOEVA revolutionises the classic foundation tool, with an innovative twist. The pointed yet curved shape and the soft vegan taklon hair adapts to every area of your face.

My Experience with Zoeva 112 Face Curve Brush:

I always wanted the entire set of makeup brushes even if I had very little or no knowledge of using it So this time I got not all but quite a few brushes from Zoeva. They are an absolute delight for beginners like me who don’t want to spend a fortune but still need something which is for sure to give great results. Zoeva is one such brand which is very well known for their brushes and they definitely do not put a hole in your wallet.
Coming to 112 Face Curve, this one is a classic, flat foundation brush. The length of the brush is 16.5 cm and the bristles are from soft vegan taklon hair. Trust me it is super soft. The moment you touch the bristles you will realise how lovingly the brush will caress your skin. Also it is a flat brush with curved bristles that really reach the corners of your face and help with that flawless application and amazing finishing results. Being curved helps in reaching to the corners of the eyes and I love to use it for concealer application beneath the eyes as it fits the area perfectly. The bristles are black colour with the ends in white.

The brush handle is in black colour and has a nice smooth, glossy, shiny finish. The handle is a bit chubby but fits your hand perfectly. Although it is smooth in finishing the grip is very good and it does not slip from the hands. This brush is very useful for liquid or cream foundations, concealers. The pointed curve shape dispenses the product evenly along the eyes, nose, and forehead and reaches every other corner of the face.
I have cleaned it twice and have not noticed any bristle damage or fall. It remains soft as ever.
I loved it!!!

Pros of Zoeva 112 Face Curve Brush:

• Great packaging to help keep the brush from getting spoilt or damage.
• Flat and curved brush.
• Bristles from soft vegan taklon hair.
• Good hold.
• Reaches every corner of the face.
• Useful for liquid and cream products.
• Good for precision and finishing.

Cons of Zoeva 112 Face Curve Brush:

• Availability in India

Would I Recommend Zoeva 112 Face Curve Brush: Yes definitely.
Would I Repurchase Zoeva 112 Face Curve Brush: Yes for sure. I would like to try their other brushes as well.
IMBB Rating: 5/5

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