Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush Review

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Ever since I have joined the IMBB team, my love for makeup is growing with each passing day. I have bought so many lipsticks, blushes and eyeliners this year that I can’t even believe. So, when Sanjeev sir and Rati asked me to pick up a few products to review, I became super excited and confused. But, after a lot of contemplation, I made my choices and this Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush is a part of my haul. Read more to find out if this one deserves a place in your vanity or not! 🙂

Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush Review3

Product Description:
The 124 Grand Stippling is the big brother in our ZOEVA brush family. Its compact round-bound shape and its large size make it a true professional foundation brush with an excellent resistance.

Due to the soft vegan duo fibre bristles it is ideal for the application of liquid, cream and powder products. The Grand Stippling brush lies elegantly and luxuriously in your hand and blends edges in smooth strokes. Destined for greatness.

Packaging Contains:
1 brush
1 zipper brush bag
Full length: 17.2 cm
Bristles: duo fibre taklon

INR 1330

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My Experience with Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush:

Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush Review

To be honest, I don’t own many brushes since I have just started with full-on makeup. When it comes to coverage, I like to keep it natural. I don’t mind a few blemishes here and there, and I use BB creams or foundations just to even out my skin tone and not to look too made up. I bought this brush because I was looking for a good quality, multipurpose brush. Since this one is meant for liquid, cream and powder products and has a unique shape, I decided to go for it.

Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush Review7

Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush Review4

It comes in a zip lock pouch (and the zipper is pink :D), and the pouch is transparent from one side and grey colored from the other. So, the packaging looks very classy and keeps the brush safe. Also, the bristles too have an immediate cover, which help in keeping the shape of the brush intact too. The brush itself looks classy with black and silver body.

Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush Review1

I won’t say the bristles are super soft, but then it would have spoiled the purpose had they been super soft. I mostly use it for buffing, and it helps to spread even little quantity of cream and liquid products really well. Also, the bristles are very dense. When I do use it for stippling, it kind of feels harsh against my skin, but I know it won’t hurt my skin. I have washed it two times too and it didn’t shed bristle (except a couple of them) and all the color too got removed easily.

Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush Review5

Since this is a grand and unique brush, it can be used for both stippling and to buff. It takes up and blends liquid and cream products very nicely. In fact, I love how amazingly it blends my cream blush. But, the problem is that powder products get lost somewhere. Powders just don’t show up on the skin. Even my most pigmented powder blush hardly shows up. So, that’s a disappointment.

Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush Review8

One more problem I face with it is that since it’s a big brush, it is difficult to reach the corners of my nose with it; for that I use a different brush. Also, with blusher application, I need to be a little careful otherwise, the color would get applied to more area than I desire. Overall, I love this brush and the flawless look it creates with foundation and even blushers. Wish it worked as well with powders too.

Pros of Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush:

• Looks very classy
• Comes with its own pouch, so it stays safe and shape remains intact
• Sturdy
• Does not shed bristles
• More dense than other stippling brushes
• Big size is great for foundation application
• Can be used for both stippling and buffing
• Works amazing with cream and liquid products
• I love how well it works with cream blush
• Blends products very well
• Easy to clean

Cons of Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush:

• Can’t cover smaller areas with it
• Not good with powder products
• It’s better at buffing than stippling

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Zoeva 124 Grand Stippling Brush?
It is a good quality brush and won’t disappoint you. It works amazing with liquid and cream products and spreads the products really well. But, if you use powder products more, don’t go for it.

PS: Have I ever told you how much I love my job! 🙂

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