Zoeva 228 Crease, 225 Eye Blender Brush Review

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This is going to be a 2-in-1 review of the Zoeva brushes which I had bought a few months ago. I ordered these online and so I am sure you can get them in India.

Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush Review

EUR 7.8  each on their website. On other websites, they are INR 941 each.

Zoeva 228 Crease Brush

Zoeva 228 Crease Brush Review

Product Description:
• Eyeshadow brush for soft transitions
• Blending and shading eye makeup in the crease
• For perfectly defined, radiant eyes

An essential tool for a professional crease definition and a perfect eye contour. With this brush you can blend eyeshadow and shade transitions. A darker shade in the eyelid crease creates depth and highlights the eyes. This uniquely soft, fluffy eyeshadow brush fits the contours of the eyelid crease and takes the edge off color.

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The oval shape and the marvelously soft hair turns this handcrafted crease brush into an easy and conveniently applicable makeup tool that is also suitable for very small eyes. Blend colors and edges artificially and soft, soft, soft.

My Experience with Zoeva 228 Crease Brush:

Zoeva 228 Crease Brush Review1

The hair on the brush is natural-synthetic hair mix. This 16 cm long brush is great for the crease if you have large eyes. I have just about medium sized eyes, and I can hold the brush at a 90 degree angle to my face (horizontally) and blend the crease out to diffuse shadow there. I don’t prefer this brush for that.

Zoeva 228 Crease Brush Review2

What I instead do is use this brush to set my under-eye concealer. As Lisa Eldridge says, eye brushes are better for concealer than concealer brushes. So, that is how I use them. But you can very well use it for the crease. It is nice, full and fluffy brush, so it will serve the purpose it is meant to serve.

Zoeva 228 Crease Brush Review3

Pros of Zoeva 228 Crease Brush:

• Big and fluffy brush
• Great for softening out the eyeshadow
• Bristles don’t come off in washes
• Great for applying concealer and powder on under-eye area

Zoeva 228 Crease Brush Review4

Cons of Zoeva 228 Crease Brush:

Small eyes won’t find it very useful
• Bristles tend to splay after months of use

IMBB Rating:

Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush

Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush Review

Product Description:
• Eyeshadow brush with soft natural bristles
• For a perfectly blended eye makeup finish
• Start a color riot

Prepare your eyelid first with our ZOEVA Eye Primer. Let set, apply your favorite eyeshadow and then blend the edges with the 225 Eye Blender for perfectly shaded results and a contoured crease.

We recommend to use a brush for each color or to clean the brush with the ZOEVA Brush Cleanser before using a different shade of color. Our 225 Eye Blender brush blends together eye shadow colors perfectly and eliminates conspicuous lines.

Due to its soft natural bristles this handcrafted makeup tool is great for smoky eyes and mysterious nuances. Easy to use and at the same time professional in appearance, this brush will professionalize every eye makeup. Airy and soft as a cloud.

My Experience with Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush:

Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush Review1

This 15 cm long brush is my absolute go-to blending brush. I cannot sing enough praises of this brush. It is quickly becoming my favourite crease brush ever! It is great to lay down transition eyeshadow or even buffing out the colour in outer V. You can, ofcourse, use this for blending the concealer on spots or pimples as well. It is a multi-purpose brush and one I can confidently recommend to everyone.

Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush Review2

The bristles on this one are natural; they are squirrel hairs. So, they are not vegan and if you like to use only synthetic brushes, you might not want to pick this up. One thing to note about both the brushes is that the bristles on the outermost edges tend to splay out after few months of usage. I don’t really like that, but I don’t really mind it either. Both the brushes are not pinched at the ferrule and have not worn out in the many months I have had them.

Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush Review3

Pros of Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush:

• Perfect size for crease work
• Great at blending transition eyeshadow
• Bristles don’t come off during wash

Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush Review4

Cons of Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush:

• Bristles tend to splay after months of usage

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Zoeva 228 Crease, 225 Eye Blender Brush?
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  1. Hi can anyone tell me which lip shade shradhha kapoor wearing in Lakme 9 to 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme ad

  2. Zoeva has such good quality and budget brushes, love them! I also use an eye brush to blend my concealer. But ya they splay too. :/

  3. the crease brush reminds me of MAC 224. I have two of those and I use them for concealer and diffusing eyeshadows. Can totally include one more. hahah!! good review. I have a full set of zoeva brushes and totally cant get enough of them. Going to check these out for sure 🙂

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